The truth about casino slot streamers

We get quite a few questions from people who watch online casino slot streamers on Twitch and Youtube. They wonder how it is possible that these streamers seem to make so much money they can play with stakes of 5, 10 or even 20 or 40 euro a spin multiple days a week. There are several explanations for this and we will list them right here in this article.

First of all, let’s make a clear distinction between real online casino streamers and fake online casino streamers. We will deal with the fake ones first and then explain how real casino streamers can stream without losing their bankroll. Another important point to make is that every casino streamer or site that uses affiliation, has the goal to make money from other people gambling at online casinos. This is how affiliation works and there is nothing wrong with that. We do find that it is a responsibility of the website or streamer to explain the risks of online gambling and to make it clear that online gambling is only for 18+. Furthermore the site or streamer should be honest about online gambling and affiliation and not pretend that money can be made from online gambling because this is simply not the case.

Fake slot streamers

Fake slot streamers are streamers that don’t play with real money. They make a deal with an online casino, most of the time not very well known online casinos, and get money from the casino to play with. This way it looks as if they are playing with real money while they actually do not. Now you may wonder why a streamer or a casino would do this and the answer is quite simple: the casino hopes to get more new players in so they can make money and the fake streamer gets a compensation from the casino. So there is an upside for both parties.

The fact that they are actually scamming their viewers is something both the casino and the fake streamer could care less about. In every (online) industry you will have people who try everything they can to earn an extra bug any way possible. There are even casino sites and streamers that willingly target people with gambling problems to try and persuade them to start gambling again. In our opinion these people are not even worth talking about. We will not mention any names here, but if you do your research online, it is pretty easy to find out wether or not a casino streamer is fake or legit.

Legit casino streamers

Enough about the fake streamers. Let’s talk about legit casino streamers and how you can recognize them. First of all real casino streamers will only make deals with legit and trustworthy online casinos. They will never jeopardize their good name with some deal with a shady casino. Also they will clearly show on their channel that gambling can be addictive and that you should only play with money you can afford to lose. Another important indicator is that they will have no trouble showing you their bankroll and their deposits and withdrawals. This shows that they are actually depositing their own money from their own account. And last but not least: they are honest about the way they actually make money, which is through affiliation and NOT through gambling. Of course, an online casino streamer will get lucky too every once in a while, but we all know that in the long run you can only lose money in online casinos. The reason for this is simple: online casinos ALWAYS have an edge on their players because of an RTP (Return To Player) that is always less than 100%. Often the RTP of casino slots is around 95-96% which means that 4-5% is eventually the profit for the casino.

Slot streamers use affiliation

So they way online slot streamers can afford to stream with real money of their own is because they earn money through affiliation. Affiliation means that the slot streamer has a business agreement with the casino. For each casino player that signs up and plays through a link from the online casino streamer, he gets paid by the online casino. This is the same kind of a affiliation you see with – for example – online shops like Amazon. Let’s say you have a website about camping and hiking. You can offer Amazon camping and hiking products through a link on your website and if a visitor orders a product on Amazon through one of the links on your website, you get a percentage of that purchase from Amazon.

Online casino streamers use their online stream to promote the affiliation deals they have with the casino where they stream. So if a viewer decides to sign up through the link of the online casino streamer offers, the streamer will get paid by the casino. So you should see the stream itsself as a way to promote online gambling and the affiliation links are the money makers for the streamer. Legit streamers will always be honest and open about this.

For an online casino streamer it is important that the revenue from the affiliation is bigger than the costs of running the online gambling channel. The fact that he can be lucky in the stream and have a big win every now and then, is not part of this revenue and should be treated for what it is: a lucky extra.

Why do people watch online casino slot streamers?

For most people that watch online casino streamers it is just for the fun of it. They enjoy slots but they don’t want to gamble (too much) themselves. It can even be a form of therapy to rather watch someone else gamble on stream than gamble yourself. Also some streamers manage to build a pretty solid community where viewers also talk a lot in the chat about everything from casino games to politics and from relationships to favourite foods. It can be a way to make friends online and have fun together where even the chair of the casino streamer can be a topic for discussion!