Play the big foreign lotteries

Via the internet, you can easily and completely legally participate in foreign lotteries. The big advantage of foreign lotteries is that they have huge payouts. The payout rates for foreign lotteries are massive and especially the jackpots are out of this world. For example, what about half a billion euros as the main prize? Pretty crazy, right? What would you do with five hundred million euros?

Playing these lotteries can easily be done through various websites. You do not pay a commission and you are automatically paid out so you never miss a prize. You can also choose to join any draw so you never miss out on any draw either. We give you three big international lotteries to try your luck at and yes, you can play at all three of them!

Big lottery tickets are a fantastic gift!

Bring something more original and more exciting than a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of booze. Surprise your friend, relative or colleague with a ticket of one of the big lotteries! Oh, and buy an extra ticket for yourself because you start feeling lucky yourself, right? Get your tickets today!

American powerball lottery jackpot 1 billion dollars

Powerball (United States)

The American Powerball Lottery is the lottery with the biggest jackpots in the world. The record is $ 564 million, or half a billion dollars. The organizers now aim at jackpots of over $ 1 billion! These are astronomical prizes and even the minimum jackpot is at least a whopping 40 million dollars. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a draw.

You can already participate for € 4.55 per lot and the multiplicator to increase your prices up to 5 times costs you € 2.30 per row. If you purchase 5 tickets or more, you will get a 25% discount. For example, with 3 tickets, 15 bet wins only € 51.19. Something more than 50 euros for 15 chances at a minimum prize of $ 40 million and all the way up to $ 1 billion.

For a small amount per ticket, you will, therefore, be able to win a record jackpot. The Powerball lottery also has little low prizes. You will not win $ 2.50 or $10. It’s all or nothing with this lottery. You either win nothing or you win a prize that will change your life forever. Imagine half a billion dollars. What would you do with that?

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euro millions lottery

EuroMillions (Europe)

EuroMillions is Europe’s biggest lottery and the European lottery with the biggest prize pool. The minimum jackpot is € 15 million Euro. And this jackpot can reach up to € 190 million prize money. In October 2014, a $ 190 million jackpot was also won and the winner of this jackpot is now doing whatever he wants. There is a draw every Tuesday and Friday.

You can participate from € 5 per ticket, with a minimum of three tickets to buy. If you subscribe, you will get every tenth ticket for free. Purchasing lottery tickets for a minimum of 5 draws gives you a discount of 20%. If you purchase tickets for the whole year, you will receive a 25% discount.

These tickets are cheap and easy to buy online. The advantage of this is you can purchase lottery tickets for Europe’s biggest jackpot lottery from the comfort of your own home and receive the results in your mailbox and via SMS. This way you do not forget that you had some tickets lying around.

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lottery eurojackpot

EuroJackpot (Europe)

The EuroJackpot is the newest European lottery where people from all countries of the European Union can participate in. And the more participants the more money will go into the jackpot. The maximum jackpot of the EuroJackpot is a mind blowing 90 million euros. In May 2015 this jackpot was won, making another lucky player a millionaire.

Your chance to win this jackpot will only cost you € 5 per ticket. You can purchase your EuropJackpot online through this site. You already have three tickets for just € 15,00. By buying multiple lottery tickets you will not miss a draw and you will get up to 25% discount!

Once you have bought your tickets, it is a matter of picking five numbers from the 1 to 50 range and two additional numbers from an additional range of 1 to 10. If your numbers match the draw, you win the EuroJackpot. This Euro Jackpot is at least 10 million euros and can go all the way up to 90 million euros.

lottery mega millions

Mega Millions

Mega Millions has a no-limit jackpot, rising as high as $656 million in March 2012 or more recently to $540 million in July 2016. Buy Mega Millions lottery tickets online by selecting five main numbers (from 1-75) and a Mega Ball (from 1-15) for each line. Choose your Mega Millions number manually, with quick pick, or from your saved numbers to buy your official Mega Millions lottery ticket. Match 5+1 to become an American lottery multi-millionaire and win a guaranteed $1,000,000 second place prize for all five main numbers!

So whether you are feeling lucky yourself or you want to surprise someone with an original and exciting gift, these three lotteries are the ones to go for. Click here or on one of the links or banners to purchase your lottery tickets of choice. Good luck!