10 tips to control online gambling

10 tips to control online gambling

Sometimes we get the question when it is time to quit a gambling session. Of course this is something you have to decide for yourself just as you decide for yourself to start with gambling. Some people can stop just as easily as they start, others have more difficulty to stop playing even when their luck seems to have run out. We all know gambling can be fun, but there is also a less funny side to gambling and that is where it becomes an addiction.

We will give 10 tips on how to deal with your online gambling sessions and how you can build in safeties to prevent you from gambling more than you can afford. Because that is what can get you into trouble or at least make you regret your gambling. The most important thing is that you do not gamble with the goal to win a huge amount of money. This sounds a bit controversial, but chances that this will happen are pretty small and chances of winning a jackpot are even smaller. If you want to get more money, get another job but do not expect that your gambling will bring you the solution. Gambling should be fun and a nice extra can be a win every now and then. As long as this is your attitude towards gambling you are ok. In the UK there is a campaign that says: “when the fun stops, stop” which in our opinion is a very good oneliner.

Big wins of casino streamers on Youtube and Twitch

You have probably seen movies on Youtube or maybe even watched some live sessions of online casino streamers that show huge wins. Any viewer will get enthusiastic watching these big wins happening in front of their eyes. Why could that not happen to you? Let’s open an account and start playing! All we can say is that this is not a realistic representation of an average online gambling session. Believe us, it is not. First of all most streamers and online gamblers only post their big wins on Youtube because that is what viewers want to see. There are no sessions on Youtube that show someone losing all the time because nobody wants to watch it.

Also there are a number of casino streamers that are fake. We will not go into which streamers are fake and which ones are the real deal, but we can honestly say that there are more fakers out there than honest casino streamers. The simple reason is that they can make money from viewers and for this they make deals with certain casinos to play with fake money that seems to be real money. So don’t be impressed by these kind of clips because it is not a proper reflection of reality.

Online casinos want you to play

The sole purpose of online casinos is to get you to sign up, deposit and play and to keep you playing as long as possible. This is completely logical because that is how they make money. The house edge is there on every single game they offer, so the more players are playing, the more money the online casino makes. There is nothing wrong with that, because that is why it is called gambling. Online casinos will go through great length to get you to sign up. Competition is fierce and rules and regulations are getting stricter and stricter. You will get a nice welcome bonus, the deposit methods are endless and once you are playing you can get points or enrole in some kind of VIP program if you play enough.

The trustworthy and good casinos offer a number of ways to control how much you can gamble and it is always a good thing to set this up before you start gambling at a casino. We have already written an article on how to pick a trustworthy casino out of all the online casino that you can find and also some tips on how to spot a rogue casino.

How to control you online gambling

One important piece of advice is to play only at trustworthy online casinos. Do your homework and make sure you talk to support so you get a good idea what the casino is about. They should be polite and helpful and help you with any questions you may have even before you have opened your account.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it, a good thing can be to put this budget on a separate account or on an ewallet. Never gamble more than you can afford.
  2. When you open an account, make sure you verify your account right away, this way your withdrawals will be quick if you make a nice win
  3. Set your limits on how much or how long you allow yourself to gamble. Any trustworthy online casino will offer these options. You can set limits per day, week or month and also limits in the amounts you can deposit.
  4. If you have a good win of 4 or 5 times your deposit, cash out! You can always do a new deposit, but withdrawing your winnings helps you to appreciate them more.
  5. If an online casino offers manual flushing, use it. This prevents you from cancelling a pending withdrawal.
  6. Accept your losses. If you gamble, you will also lose money. Accept your losses and don’t try to win it back in the same session
  7. Don’t drink and gamble. Drinking and gambling is never a winning combination and chances are you won’t stick to your limits and take bigger risks than you would normally do.
  8. If you feel like you have difficulty sticking to your limits, then playing together can be a very good option. This way there is always a second person to put things in perspective.
  9. Leave the online casinos alone on a regular basis. Especially if you feel like gambling more than you should. Compulsive gambling is never a good thing and is a first sign of addiction.
  10. Last but not least: when the fun stops, stop

When you set limits to your gambling and stick with them, chances are that you will enjoy your gambling a lot more. When you know you can only play for two hours or with a monthly budget, you can stay in control more easy and simply enjoy your games. Because that is what gambling should be about. It is about having fun and not about making loads of money. And if you get lucky…good for you!