online casino streamers – the lucky chair meme

Today we introduce a new series of blog posts that revolve around (popular) online casino streamers. In the past we have written about this topic every now and then, but since this is a growing segment we will put the spotlight on these streamers more often. Of course, we also know that there are ongoing discussions about whether or not certain casino streamers are legit or not, but there are enough fora and chats where this gets discussed and we don’t want to start another discussion on this matter. Especially because there are too many other casino live stream related topics that are far more interesting.

In this blog we are going to kick it off with the chairs. If you watch a casino live stream every now and then, you know what we are talking about. The chairs of some online casino players are held responsible for the performance of the slot being played, especially when the streamer is taking a break. The chat always supports the chair, hoping it will drop a big win while the streamer is gone, and sometimes it does. I guess this chair support has become kind of an internet meme.

So when an online casino streamer is playing in a live stream, there are moments where he or she has to leave the stream for a few minutes. A bathroom break, getting a coffee, walking the dog, all these moments where the streamer leaves the live stream and puts the betting on the running slot on autoplay. The chat responds to this with the message that the chair of the streamer is now responsible for the success of the autoplay.

Let’s take a closer look at the type of chairs a some of the more popular casino streamers use and whether or not there is any relation between the brand and the success of the chair during autoplay where the streamer is absent.

We want to emphasize that the extensive research for this article was done in a humane way and that no chairs were harmed in any way!

lucky chair online slot streamer david labowsky herman miller aero

Herman Miller – David Labowsky

The Herman Miller Aeron is an awarded design chair produced by American company Herman Miller In Zeeland (USA). This chair is a very comfortable chair with all kind of settings to make sure you are comfortable for hours without any stress on your spine. With the success of the Aeron, Herman Miller got clients all over the world. The chairs are pretty expensive, but since the quality is really good, you can also buy them refurbished for a sharper price.

One casino streamer of whom we know he has a Herman Miller, is David Labowksy. If you follow Davids’ streams you know that his chair has been responsible for a number of big wins. Although it does seem that the chair puts little effort into landing big wins, it seems it is pretty random in making big wins happen. There is no evidence that David’s chair is scoring above average where it comes to big wins. We do prefer David above his chair and we think most of his followers agree since his popularity seems to keep growing.

Pricing: €900 – €1300

lucky chair online slotstreamers classybeef dxracer

DXRacer – Classybeef

The company was founded in 2001, starting off as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury sports cars. Out of its inspiration and curiosity, DXRacer, the first and original brand of the modern gaming chair was born in 2006 and headed for the world of gaming and eSports. The production began and years of innovation and investment in research and development has resulted in a wide product range, including several types of ergonomic gaming and office chairs with a refined racing-inspired design.

The guys from Classybeef are kind of new kids on the block but with well over 16.000 followers on Twitch, they have taken off very well. Especially the big win of more than 80K on Dead or Alive II got these sympathetic guys quite some attention. Unfortunately for their chairs, the two guys were both present with this huge win. Joe and Espen run Classybeef together. Joe’s eye-catching chair of choice is a black and red DXRacer King Series where Espen goes for a pretty modest black chair of an unknown brand. It seems the guys do stick to their own chair on all streams. These two chairs still have to prove their powers for now.

Pricing: €200 – €600

lucky-chair-online slot streamer spintwix maxnomic commander

Maxnomic – SpinTwix

No matter if used for gaming or work or just because you like them, the original Maxnomic chairs are a nice addition to any office or studio. It is the sporty alternative to an ordinary office chair! Maxnomic chairs have got the looks and provide your back with the ideal support while spending hours sitting in front of the computer.

If you have watched David Labowsky’s streams, chances are that you have also seen his bearded buddy SpinTwix because these two streamers host each other’s streams and sometimes even stream together. SpinTwix recently said goodbye to his old chair and gave himself an upgrade with a promising two-toned Maxnomic chair. Only time will tell if this upgrade was a wise decision by SpinTwix. His back will probably think so, but we have to wait and see if this rookie chair will wheel in any big wins. What we do know is that his old chair has not left the building yet, so the new chair should not wait too long proving Spintwix right with his upgrade.

Pricing: €250 – €350

lucky chair online slot streamers rocknrolla teknik

Teknik – Rocknrolla

Super large traditional executive armchair finished in genuine button tufted top quality Italian leather facings. Features gas seat height adjustment and reclining function.

We are pretty sure that Rocknrolla does not give any credits to his chair where it comes to winning during his online streaming sessions. He just does not strike us like a guy who is superstitious at all. But we can be wrong. The chair has a bit of an English classic style to it with the buttoned back. Definitely, a chair to have a nice drink in, that is something Rocknrolla has shown many times.

Pricing: €300 – €400

lucky chair online slotstreamers nickslots noble chair epic

Noble – Nickslots

Noblechairs creates the next level of office seating, inspired by the world’s best racing cars. The Noblechairs are the premium choice for the discerning individual, built ergonomically and with painstaking attention to detail.

Nick’s choice is a chair from the Epic Series.

Pricing: €300 – €600

Unknown – Roshtein

Of course Roshtein has to be on this list too. It is unclear to us what kind of chair he is using. Although Roshtein is not always in his chair because he is busy showing his dance moves, driving his tank or flying his flying saucer, it has helped him out on numerous occasions.

There are also rumours circulating on the web in communities and on for that the chair of Roshtein is fake and he’s actually sittin on a flying carpet. We will give him the benefit of the doubt and we hope that one day he will reveal his seat in detail.

Pricing: €?

Staples/unknown – Slotspinner

With Slotspinner it seems that the chair will always be battling with the other weapon of choice that Slotspinner uses: his sunglasses. We have seen him wearing multiple pairs when he has hit a bonus and it is very well possible that all good luck powers are absorbed by these sunglasses, leaving little to nothing for the chair when it gets its chance to shine.

The brand of his chair is unknown. It seems to be just another average black office chair, probably from Staples. But we all know luck works in mysterious ways, so we give Slotspinners’ chair the benefit of the doubt together with all other unbranded office chairs. So far we have not found any hard evidence that a specific chair brand contributes to the luck of the owner. We keep a close eye on the big wins from chairs, so who knows we have to revise the conclusion we drew in this blog post.

Pricing: €100 – €200