chaos crew casino slot review

Spin that Reel – Chaos Crew slot review

Chaos Crew by Hacksaw Gaming takes you to the underground world of street art and sketchy graffiti in a game with some serious win potential. But volatile games like Chaos Crew can also drive you towards insanity when the game just won’t do anything to make you a winner.

Chaos Crew is a pretty original game with a theme unlike anything you’ve seen to date. The weird and cranky characters will make a lasting impression, and the art style only enhances this experience. This game was a turning point for Hacksaw Gaming, showing that they’re more than what initially met the eye with their Cubes game with a game that instantly transcended that and a lot of other games that may have failed to gain traction and widespread popularity. The mind does wander, thinking about what kind of inspiration Hacksaw Gaming had when they thought up the concept of Chaos Crew. We don’t have the story behind the concept of this game but we can tell you all about the game itself and of course we will give you our honest verdict.


chaos crew casino slot review


Chaos Crew Slot Theme

Chaos Crew offers a surreal and unique experience to players with a rough, gritty and underground theme. In the background you’ll see the undesirable sights of the city, which situates the player in a dreary alleyway full of graffiti.

Chaos Crew doesn’t do much in the way of lightning the mood, but it was never meant to. The dark setting along with the neon and cartoony style artwork instantly draws you in. It really isn’t comparable to any other game, which makes it one of a kind.

The music for Chaos Crew is even better. The sounds starts off a quiet and somewhat pleasant piano theme. But thinks will pick up once the wins start rolling in, with an electronic soundtrack that will up the ante, as well as the user experience.

With such a stand out display from Hacksaw Gaming, Chaos Crew may well become a game immortalised by popularity. It’s certainly taken the gambling community by storm thus far, and everything we’ve mentioned thus far, plus what the game is capable of indicates a success story with no signs of slowing down.

Chaos Crew Slot Betting and Symbols

The Betting options available in Chaos Crew will suit all budgets. The lowest option available here is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest available option is £/€100 per spin. There are plenty of other choices in between the two, so Chaos Crew really does suit all.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the tentacle, which will give you 12x your stake for a full line of them. Following on from that, we have other high paying symbols that are all valued the same. These are the Apple, Brain, and Moth.

Low paying symbols are represented by the 8 Ball, Skull, Smiley Face, X symbol and Lightning Bolt Symbol. There is also a Wild, which is represented by Scratchy the Cat, who also acts as a multiplier. Some of the weird symbol designs in the game is part of what gives Chaos Crew its oddly satisfying charm, but how does it all come together in the gameplay?

The Base Game and Features

Chaos Crew is a 5×5 game with 15 pay lines in total. It’s strange in a way to have so many spaces on the grid, yet so few pay lines, and you’d be forgiven for initially thinking that Chaos Crew might be a Cluster Pays game instead. To connect a win, you’ll need at least 3 matching symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

Some decent wins are available in the Base Game, and they’re heightened by the presence of Cranky the Cat. The Cranky Cat symbol acts as a Wild and a mystery multiplier at once. Wins that include the Cranky Cat symbol in a line will apply a x2, x3 or x5 multiplier.

The real excitement comes from the fact that if multiple are in a line, then they will multiply by each other rather than add together – this can result in exponentially better wins.

The Cranky Cat substitutes for all symbols, except for the Scatter. It might take some a little time to warm to Chaos Crew. Often you can go for a fair few spins without connecting much, and when you do the wins might be meagre. None of this is helped by the 15 lines, which make the pay ways a little more confusing.

Sometimes you’ll see a line and think you’ve connected when you havent. But don’t write Chaos Crew off yet, because those who persist through to the Free Spins may be more than pleasantly surprised.

Chaos Crew Slot Free Spins

Let’s be clear right away: the Chaos Crew Slot is hard to bonus. Cranky the Cat and the Sketchy Skull are not giving big wins away that easily. If they don’t want to invite you in to their strange world of grime then you can be in for a long night. Don’t think you’re just unlucky if you don’t get Free Spins within 100, or even 200 spins. That’s just the way Chaos Crew can behave sometimes.

But there is a reason behind it, because the bonus for Chaos Crew can absolutely go off. No game with this much potential is easy to bonus. Let’s break it down and tell you why. 3 Scatter symbols are needed on reels 1, 3 & 5 to trigger the Free Spins. When you do start Free Spins, you’ll be awarded 3 spins. Every time a symbol lands on one of the reels, then the Spins will reset to 3, sort of like a Money Train functionality. Above each reel there is a number, which is displayed as a multiplier. To grow this, you need to land Cranky and Sketchy on the reels below them

  • Cranky – Cranky will multiply the number shown above the reel by the multiplier he revealed. The possible multipliers are x2, x3, x5, x10, x20.
  • Sketchy – Sketchy Skull will add the number revealed to the current reels multiplier. This can reveal +1, +2, +5, +10, +20.
  • Epic Cranky – This is an epic version of the same symbol. The same multipliers are possible, but the revealed multiplier revealed will affect all reels.
  • Epic Sketchy – This is an epic version of the same symbol. The same multipliers are possible, but the revealed multiplier will affect all reels.

We’re not overestimating the potential here, Chaos Crew can really go big. Sketchy is a little less desirable than Cranky, serving to get the numbers above the reels up a bit. When the numbers are bigger, you’ll want to see nothing buy Cranky to multiply those values for massive hits. All in all, Chaos crew is capable of hits of up to 10,000x, which is a formidable amount to find, especially in an alleyway.


chaos crew bonus game


Chaos Crew Slot: Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK will be able to take advantage of a Bonus Buy feature for Chaos Crew. This is available for an oddly un-round figure of 129x your stake. Not too bad considering how hard it can be to bonus, so those who don’t have the patience and do have the bank roll can get some bonus action with the click of a button. The RTP for the Bonus Buy option does vary slightly to that of an organically landed bonus, switching from 96.30% RTP to 95.92% RTP.

Our verdict

Chaos Crew is an interesting game although the base game is not the most exciting game we’ve ever seen. The 15 pay line seems a little bit stingy for how many spaces there are on the grid, but there is still some excitement to be had if you manage to get some Cranky the Cat connections for those multipliers, and the fact that they multiply by each other rather than add together can mean that in ideal circumstances, some big wins are possible. The RTP for the game is 96.30%, but as mentioned this will differ if you choose to take the Bonus Buy route instead.

The Bonus in Chaos Crew is just worth grinding for. Of course, not all bonuses on Chaos Crew will boost your bank role but when the bonus goes haywire it can pay massive and you will love to see the multipliers adding up like crazy. Hacksaw did a good job here and  you should at least give it a go, and if you do you may find yourself showered in multipliers in a great bonus game.

Specifications Chaos Crew

  • Developer: Hacksaw gaming
  • Reels: 5×5 grid
  • Paylines: cluster wins
  • Stake: € 0.20 to € 100
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: medium
  • Bonus Feature: yes, free spins
  • Free Spins: yes,  3 spins countdown
  • RTP: 96.3%

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