Top 5 rockin’ casino slots

With the recent launch of the Testament casino slot based on the world famous heavy metal band Testament, we thought it would be a good idea to review this slot together with some other slots in the same genre. In the past years we’ve witnessed the launch of many slots based on a musician or a band but I guess the hard rock and heavy metal genre is particularly popular for a tribute slot, if we can call it that.

We’ve seen Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton but for this blog post we crank it up a notch. We will do a short review of the following hard rock and heavy metal slots and pick the best one:

  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Megadeth
  • Motörhead
  • Spinal Tap
  • Testament
guns n' roses casino slot by netent

Guns n’ Roses

We did a full review of this slot by Netent when it came out back in 2017 and back then we were quite impressed. Guns ‘n Roses even became slot of the year that year. But the slot just did not have enough magic to become a true evergreen and it is not played that often anymore. Part of the game’s setup and interface has been reused in other games such as Spinal Tap where the spinning recored with the sparkling needle is without a doubt the most recognizable. What most certainly added to the whole vibe of this slot is the music and the choice in different songs you could choose. The weak part of this game for us is the chose and pick bonus of the game called the crowd pleaser. Best bonus is without a doubt the encore free spins with wild reels appearing randomly.

Score: 8/10

casino slot review megadeth


What is there to say about this heavy metal to the bone slot? This slot by Leander Games gives you an authentic look at the world-famous band. It has plenty of killer ways to win, including a multi-level bonus round. The Megadeth base game pays out for winning combinations along any of its 40 active paylines. Match up identical band members or instruments to win. Wild David Scott Mustaine symbols expand in the base game, making it incredibly easy to score line wins. If you have Mega Nudge activated, reels 2 and 4 will move one to three symbols in either direction to give you the best possible win.

You can trigger the Megadeth bonus by landing three Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once triggered, you’ll spin the Mega Wheel and win one of three prizes: the Hangar 18 free spins round with sticky wilds, the Head Crusher bonus round, or an instant cash prize. Obviously this game also comes with some crying guitars and banging drums.

Score: 7/10

motörhead casino slot review


Back in 2016 we were eagerly awaiting this slot and had high expectations. You can read our full review of the Motörhead slot. After Jimi Hendrix and Guns’n Roses, this is the third slot from Netent in a series that is based on a famous, or should we say notorious, rocker / rock band. Lenny and his buddies always guaranteed a good game of rock (and roll) which is regarded by some people as ‘noise’. If you agree with the latter, we recommend you to choose another slot because the use of sound, light and animation are present in a large degree. You even get warned about this at the beginning of the game.

The design of Motörhead is a stage-setting and it looks fairly dark. No doubt this is done deliberately as the light shows really pop out. The entire slot game breathes hard rock and where the design might be somewhat decent, this is compensated by the music and sound effects in this game. Sometimes they also throw in a one-liner of Lenny, but the electric guitars are taking over almost everywhere.

This one came a bit as a surprise the first time it happened: the reels just turned around and all of a sudden the entire game window starts to vibrate. This is getting more intense and you hear the sound of a bomber flying over. Meanwhile, the screen has been turned into a nice red alert light show and three cluster bombs fall into the screen as blind random symbols in the form of skulls on your reels. If this works out in your favour, you pick up a nice big win.

The power of music and sound effects

What makes a great contribution to the fun factor of Motörhead is the diversity of bonuses and of course the music. If the slot is a bit ‘on a roll’ then it clearly shows Netent knows how to build a nice slot because a lot happens on your screen while the music blasts out of your speakers. For us the contrast between our first and second round of play was very big, but since we always look at the positive side, this slot gets a thumbs up from us.

Score: 8/10

spinal tap casino slot

Spinal Tap

Yes, we know. This slot by BluePrint Gaming is actually more about the fake documentary ‘This is Spinal Tap’ than about the band, but we are not that picky. If you have not watched the film yet, you should! The film, which follows the disastrous tour of 4 expired British rockers through the United States, strings together rock cliché after rock cliché. And it is so enjoyable!

The band that gets lost in the catacombs of the concert hall, arguments between band members, bad jokes and girlfriends who name themselves with the band – everything is in there. Even spontaneously exploding drummers. The famous “This one goes to eleven” scene has become a real classic and the band plays their biggest hits, including the beautiful “Lick my Love Pump” and the driving “Smell the glove”.

7 different bonus features

With 3 or more scatters on the reels you win the bonus feature. These take you to a screen on which all kinds of plates are displayed. You can click on these plates, so you determine which tournament (and associated) bonus feature you win. Entirely in BluePrint style it is possible to use your bonus feature and try to win a better feature. But this can also go wrong, and you win a (smaller) cash prize as compensation. The 7 bonus features all consist of different types of free spins, often with extra wilds, extra multipliers and sticky wilds. The best bonus to win is the World Tour, where you can win up to 10,000 x your bet.

For us Spinal Tap just doesn’t do it, but we do feel the urge to watch the documentary again!

Score: 6/10

testament casino slot review


Play’n GO knows how to combine rock music with casino slots. The Swedish game provider has previously achieved great success with collaborations with (semi) famous rock bands such as Black Mamba, Candlemass (House of Doom) and Sabaton. But they decided to crank it up a notch and Play’n GO entered into a partnership with the American Thrash Metal band Testament.

Testament is without a doubt a kick ass video slot, which contains cool features and you can achieve sky-high winnings up to 20,000 x the total bet. this is definitely a game you want to try and don’t let the metal theme put you off!

Song Features

You can win three mini feature and you need 2 scatters for that. These features are all named after a famous song by the band and you always get 3 free spins, all red goats are always wild. You also get an extra booster, depending on the feature you won:

  • Throne of Thorns: Free spins with extra large reels in a 4 – 5 – 6 – 5 – 4 setup.
  • Dark Roots of Earth: during the free spins the wild symbols grow in height
  • Cold Embrace: every wild that appears becomes sticky

Free spins bonus

3 or more scatters will give you the main bonus feature: the free spins bonus called Rise Up Spins. During the Rise Up Spins you get 9 spins to start. During these free spins you should try to spin as many scatters on the middle reels as possible. These scatters break down boulders and thereby enlarge the playing field. When you manage to break down all the boulders, you have win the Testament Spins.

You get 3 extra free spins on the largest possible playing field, with 2,400 ways to win. But you also get expanding and sticky wilds. In other words, all three Song Features combined in one. Are you able to quickly collect lots of wilds? Then you can definitely reel in some big wins.

The tempo in this game is pretty fast, you can win really big money and the theme is perfectly executed down to the smallest detail. From the music and exciting gameplay to the bonus features, it is very cleverly put together the way we expectit from Play’n GO.

Score: 8,5/10