What is a parachute bonus?

The parachute bonus is kind of a new kid on the block and we definitely want to be friends. Of course all online casino players love a good bonus, but the ennoying thing is the wager. If you get a bonus at a good and trustworthy casino there will not be all kind of other difficult terms and conditions attached to a bonus. The wager and a maximum bet size are the most common restrictions.

What we see more and more, instead of a regular bonus, is that the better casinos start offering parachute bonuses. A parachute bonus is a bonus that only comes into play if you dip into the bonus part of your deposit. Regular bonuses get activated the minute you accept it and with that the wagering comes into play right away too. Some casinos call a parachute bonus a non-sticky bonus.

Explanation of the parachute bonus

Let’s say you deposit £/€ 100 and you get a £/€ 100 parachute bonus from the casino. You will have £/€ 200 to play with. If you start winning with the first £/€ 100 and end up at, let’s say, £/€ 1100 you can simply cash out your winnings without having to wager a single euro. So you actually can cancel your bonus because the first £/€ 100 was your actual deposit and the second £/€ 100, that you never used, was the bonus.

At Casinokings Club we applaud all online casinos that offer parachute bonuses, for example Vera & John. We can only hope that more of our verified online casinos will follow suit. We are even considering to give extra rating points for online casinos that offer parachute bonuses. For us it feels like a fair way to treat players instead of activating the wager from the first spin on.