7 ways to get into a dispute with an online casino

We still get quite a few emails of players who feel they’v been treated unfair by an online casino. Occassionaly they have point and we try to help them out, but most of the disputes are actually caused by players themselves. To make the chances for you to become one of these players, we’ve created a top 7 list of things that can get you into trouble with an online casino.

  1. Not doing your research on the casino you want to play at
    This first tip is simple but often not followed, especially by new players. Do-your-research! There are thousands of online casinos out there and although a fair amount of them are legit and focused on a good casino experience for their players, there are also many rogue casinos that are only concerned about one thing: taking players’ money as much and as quick as possible. They will do anything to get a player to register and deposit, but when it comes to service and withdrawals the player will only hear excuses and never get his wins. So make sure you check the casino’s permits, with a license of the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority you are picking the best online casinos where it comes to licenses. Also check for predatory Terms and Conditions and have a chat with the customer service to see how you get treated.
  2. Giving false information during registration
    When you register at an online casino you have to give certain information so the online casino can verify who you are, where you are from and if you are over 18. The casino has the legal obligation to do a check on this information. This also goed for the information you have to give to verify your account. Verification is needed to be able to pay out winnings and also to prevent money laundring. Our advice is to always get verified as soon as you can. This way the verification process will not slow down any future withdrawals.
  3. Having multiple accounts on the same (IP) address
    This is almost always mention in the Terms and Conditions of the casino: you can’t have multiple accounts on the same (IP) address. It does not matter if one account is yours and the other is your mother’s, your wife’s or your roommate’s account. It is not allowed, don’t do it because at a certain point it will give issues.
  4. Playing through a VPN
    A Virtual Private Network is used by people who what to shield off their IP address and be online anonymously. This is not a good idea when you want to play at an online casino. The online casino needs to know who you are and where you are so shielding this off is not something you should do without written permission from the casino. It might work in the beginning but it will get you into trouble sooner or later. If you don’t have explicit written permission, don’t use a VPN.
  5. Accepting a bonus without reading the conditions
    This is without a doubt where most disputes arise from and why players often get the short end of the stick. The terms and conditions state clearly what rules apply to playing at an online casino, accepting bonuses, wager requirements, maximum bet size and so on. One of the most seen disputes is about wins being confiscated by the online casino because of a player breached the bonus terms and conditions. Often this involves exceeding the maximum bet amount during wagering.So once again: read the terms and conditions before you accept a bonus!
  6. Misconduct towards support staff
    Of course emotions can play up when you lose money, but this is not a reason to get rude towards support staff. Also some players use abusive and violent language in the online chat of live casinos. This can be a reason for an online casino to ban you for a certain amount of time or even close your account. We don’t have much to add to this.
  7. Cheating
    Last but not least. With cheating the rule is really simple: don’t do it. Eventually it will backfire on you. Online casinos have very sophisticated monitoring systems that will detect inregularities on multiple levels. So trying to cheat an online casino is a badd idea. When there is prove you try to cheat the casino willingly it can even have legal consequences for you.

So, there you go. Now you have read our tips you know what to do and how to behave when you play at an online casino. Enjoy your game, only play with money you can affort to lose and good luck!