Withdrawal issues at unverified casinos

One of the important aspects for us to list an online casino on CasinoKings.club is that a player should easily be able to withdrawal money from his account. Of course any online casino, even rogue casinos, will make sure that there are multiple deposit options and that a player is done in a few clicks so he can quickly and safely enjoy his game.

Now with withdrawal options it is definitely not always the same. Many shady casinos will go to great lengths to make withdrawal as difficult as possible for a player. This way chances are that a player will start playing with the money that he wanted to pay out. Trusted casinos will not do this and understand that withdrawals are just as important for a player as deposits.

Excuses to delay withdrawals

  • We never received your request or email. Can you please send it again?
  • Sorry, our financial department is not available on weekends.
  • We’re sorry but we can not open the attached documents, could you send them in another file format?
  • We’re sorry but the documents are not readable, could you send them in better quality?
  • Sorry, but the financial department is very busy at the moment.
  • Sorry, but the banks are closed on weekends.
  • Please note that a bank transfer can take 5-7 business days

Be clear in all communication with an online casino

This is by far the best tip we can give you. Always put all the facts in your correspondence and keep it short and sweet. This way you leave little room for excuses and other replies to slow down payments.

Did you know that more than half of all emails exchanged between players and casino helpdesks are the result of vagueness. Of course, you can expect a casino to work with professionals, and the good ones do. But there are a lot of online casinos out there where the opposite is the case. The support department is still the weak spot at many online casinos and the players are the ones suffering from this.

Working at the helpdesk of an online casino is also a popular and not too demanding job that is popular amongst young people who are looking for a job besides their study. Often in sunny places like Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar.

Take the initiative and don’t get pushed in a corner

With all this in mind, you should take the lead. As said, be clear in your communication and keep it short. Go by point and make sure there is no room for misinterpretation. In addition it is wise to build a file of your mail exchanges with the casino so you always know exactly where you stand. You should always give the online casino a chance to resolve the issue but if they don’t respond, keep coming up with excuses or get rude it is time to take things a step further. You can always get in touch with parties that help with issues between players and online casinos. Of course prevention is better and so we advice you to play at trusted casinos only.

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