Mr. Green: more players and bigger deposits in 2017

Mr. Green is in the favourites list of many online casino players and for good reason. It is one of the most awarded trusted casinos with a wide selection games, loads of promotions and bonuses and a good customer service. If you keep this up year after year, the players will come and stay. This is apparent from the quarterly figures of Mr. Green & Co AB. Quarterly figures? Hell yes. Mr. Green & Co AB, the company behind Mr. Green is a transparent and publicly traded company. Figures are thus made public. That way, anyone can see how Mr. Green is doing and we are pretty sure he’s got a smile on his face.

In the first quarter of 2017 a total of 84.92 million euros were spent at Mr. Green. This was wagered by a total of 115,601 players. Last year in the first quarter, 94,472 players played a game at Mr. Green. The number of players increased by a whopping 22.4 percent compared to a the year before. The overall inlay of these players even by 38.6 percent. That means there are not only more players the way to Mr. Green, but players are also more involved with Mr. Green.

Of the total of about 85 million spent, 28.6 million euros was turnover for Mr. Green. The bulk of the deposit went back to the players at Mr. Green. But still here is a gentleman we don’t need to feel sorry for. Ultimately, this revenue for the first quarter of this year is around 2 million euros.

Mr. Green on mobile devices

Mr. Green made some recent changes to the site, improving user-friendliness and giving it a new design with a strong focus on mobile and this paid of now that more than half of the players are playing on a mobile device.

Growth of Mr. Green mainly in Western Europe

Mr. Green may come from Sweden, but this is practically the only area in Europe where the casino is hardly growing with a miserable 5% in comparison with countries like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands where the growth was a stunning 69,2%. Easter, central and southern Europe were good for a 23.2 percent growth where Italy is one of the big contributors. In this strictly regulated market, Mr. Green is one of the leading online casinos. Quite a good choice from Mr. Green because Italy is the second biggest European market after the UK.

Mr. Green in 2017

The lack of a loyalty program was one of Mr. Green’s weaknesses – only really big players have so far received customized bonuses through a VIP program. This is finally going to change with the introduction of the Green Stamps you can collect and redeem free spins, bonuses and other prizes with.

Investors do not seem to be impressed by thee quarterly figures. The share of Mr Green & Co dropped 2 percent after the publication of these result, to 39.50 Swedish Crown. Let’s see how this develops in the rest of the year.

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