What is wagering and how does it work?

All online casinos offer bonuses to new and existing players. By offering an nice bonus package they increase the chances that players will register and play at their casino instead of one of the many other competitors out there. One of the most important factors of the bonus - besides the amount - is without a doubt the wager. We will explain wagering and why Bonus Terms are boring but important to read.

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Netherlands one step closer to new gambling act

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security has published a draft version of the so-called 'lower regulation' for online gambling sites. It is a 124-page file that actually contains nothing that is remarkable. The document explains, among other things, which rules will enter into force with the new gambling law. With this, the new Betting and Gaming Act and thus the legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands comes a step closer.

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Withdrawals from online casinos

Make sure you prepare yourself properly before you start playing and of course only play at trustworthy online casinos. We have a good selection here on our site. When you win an amount you want to withdraw, it should add up to your excitment and not be the start of a dragging conversation with the online casino.

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The history of the dice

The oldest dice in the world was found in the southeast of what is now called Iran. It was part of a backgammon game. A dice (also called bones, craps or shakers) is usually a version of a cube-shaped object with on each of the sides one of the eye numbers 1 to 6. The word 'dice' comes from the game 'dice'. Dice is derived from the French word 'doble', which means double.

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Online gambling in Malta is booming: revenue in 2017 € 1.1 billion

While the rest of Europe is struggling with legislation and endless discussions, Malta is reaping the harvest of a different approach towards online gambling. In many countries there is still no proper law to regulate online gambling, and due to all hesitations there are still countries where it is not allowed at all. On Malta they have been able to profit from all the indecisiveness in Europe by offering licenses for online gambling.

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Blockchain will change the online gambling Industry

The blockchain technology behind the bitcoin and all other crypto currencies will have a much bigger influence on the online gaming industry. Blockchain will become the game-changer for the online gambling world and we will tell you why. The number of online casinos introducing cryptos as payment methods is constantly growing. In addition, regulatory bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority are working on promoting blockchain technology and that alone is proof we have only began to schratch the surface of the blockchain's true potential. Who knows in the future the crypto currency will be the first currency of choice for both online gamblers and online casinos.

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Reverse withdrawal and manual flushing explained

At Casinokings Club we find the manual flushing option an important feature for online casinos to offer to their players. Casinos that have manual flushing are given extra points in their rating. It is not only up to players to play responsibly and keep track on their gambling behaviour, the online casinos have a responsibility here as well.

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