10 tips to control online gambling

Sometimes we get the question when it is time to quit a gambling session. Of course this is something you have to decide for yourself just as you decide for yourself to start with gambling. Some people can stop just as easily as they start, others have more difficulty to stop playing even when their luck seems to have run out. We give you some advices and 10 tips on how to control your gambling and just have fun.

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Use VPN to play at online casino?

Online casinos are quite clear about the use of a VPN to play. Any trustworthy online casino will cancel your account and all your winnings will be forfeited. The reason for this is simple: online casinos have a lot of rules and regulations they have to comply with. For example they can't allow players from countries they have no license of where online gambling is prohibited by law.

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What is wagering and how does it work?

The 'wagering requirement' indicates how often you have to play a casino bonus before you can withdraw your possible winnings All online casinos offer bonuses to new and existing players. By offering an nice bonus package they increase the chances that players will register and play at their casino instead of one of the many other competitors out there. One of the most important factors of the bonus - besides the amount - is without a doubt the wager.

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