Cheating in Las Vegas

It's not impossible, but it has become a lot more difficult than it used to be: cheating in the casinos of Las Vegas. This is due to the many(!) Security cameras that cover every corner of the casinos. The US television channel MSNBC made a report on the security measures casinos in Las Vegas take to keep cheaters out, and it goes pretty far.

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Starburst frenzy at LeoVegas casino

It is Starburst tribute time at LeoVegas casino. They have just launched a €100K Starburst giveaway where they’ll also be giving out loads of free spins, the latest Apple gadgets and a lot of other cool stuff.

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32Red casino sold to Unibet owner Kindred

Maybe Kindred does not ring bell right away, but of course we used to know this company as Unibet in the past. They've changed their name to Kindred last year. So this firm has announced that they've struck an agreement with 32Red, and they will pay £175.6 million for this popular casino operator which is about 219 million dollars.

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7 Benefits of Online Casinos

Now that online casinos are more accessible than ever before, you may wonder why you even still would go to a traditional casino. Online casino games you can play from the comfort of your own home or even on the train on your phone or ipad. So if you see a still visit the casino as an annual night out, then we have seven reasons to henceforth good you attract slippers and crawl behind your laptop.

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Multiplayer casino games?

Microgaming is always developing new games but in addition it also has something else: Multiplayer functionality on some of their slot machines. How cool is that and why has nobody else come up with this idea before? The three slots; tennis-themed Centre Court, movie-based theme Terminator 2 and the classic Sure Win all have multiplayer functionality. That sounds like a new genre!

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