Grow your bankroll at 32Red casino

32Red Casino has launched their latest Bankroll Builder and they’ve thrown in £30,000 to give away. One £30,000 race, 5 paydays! And there is enough time for you to win because this promotion lasts until the 1st March.

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Baccarat, unknown, unloved?

Baccarat has internationally a long and illustrious history and has been one of the most popular card games for hundreds of years. The game was developed in France after the Italian game Baccara was introduced in the country around 1490. In many countries Baccarat is less popular than poker, roulette and blackjack but if you want to try something different, then Baccarat is worth it, both in real casinos and online.

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Gonzo’s Quest goes Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality bring about major changes both online and offline across many markets and Netent is in the forefront of these developments when it comes to casino software. We could expect the world's largest casino software provider Netent to present something interesting on the ICE exchange in London. This annual exhibition displays all aspects of the online gaming industry and innovation in this market is a hot item.

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Top 10 online jackpots

Just imagine this: you play in one of the online casinos and the improbable happens; you win the jackpot! What a feeling that must be! In a split second you are a millionaire and your life is changed forever! These are the 10 biggest jackpots in recent years. We count down from 10 to 1.

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History of the casino

The word "casino" comes from Italian. It is derived from the word 'casa', meaning 'small villa' or 'home'. It also used to mean something like 'home entertainment' in Italy. These were a kind of luxury theaters for the upper classes. The former Italian casa people were entertained with music, drinks, dancing, opera performances but also sports such as fencing and wrestling.

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