Cheating in Las Vegas

It’s not impossible, but it has become a lot more difficult than it used to be: cheating in the casinos of Las Vegas. This is due to the many(!) Security cameras that cover every corner of the casinos.

The US television channel MSNBC made a report on the security measures casinos in Las Vegas take to keep cheaters out, and it goes pretty far. Even card counters have the casinos in Vegas rather not sit at the tables, but it is not officially banned. The Nevada State Code, however, casinos themselves may determine which players are welcome and which are not. When a casino player caught on counting cards, this visitor is immediately a ban. Even when the evidence is weak, the casino can still impose a ban. If a player is behaving suspiciously in accordance with a casino, that may be enough for that person to refuse forever. Moreover, this information is also shared between the different casinos and before you know it you can only play online or in back rooms.

MSNBC spoke with the head of security of the Aria Resort & Casino located on the Strip, which opened its doors in 2009. There is also an interview with the smaller El Cortez Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

The camera system at Aria is arranged so that if you walk into a gaming table, you always come full face on one of the cameras no matter how you approach the table. There is no escape. The system is so sophisticated that US intelligence agencies are coming to the casinos, to learn how to spy on people.

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