Slot machine pay lines and pay tables explained

To make sure you enjoy a slot the most and don't get any surprises while playing, it is important to know the pay lines and paytable of a slot. It is the same as accepting a welcome bonus without reading the conditions and then be surprised about wagering requirements. So this is why we explain both pay lines and pay tables of slot games.

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What is a parachute bonus and should you take it?

At Casinokings Club we applaud all online casinos that offer parachute bonuses and we can only hope that more of our verified online casinos will follow suit. We are even considering to give extra rating points for online casinos that offer these bonuses. For us it feels like a fair way to treat players instead of activating the wager from the first spin on.

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Top 5 Christmas slots

It's that time of year again. The days are short and it is cold outside so no reason to go out. Fortunately there is some nice online entertainment that can help you get in the Christmas mood. At Casinokings Club we always look forward to this time of year and it is a good reason to get out some of the best christmas themed slots. We have put together a top 5 of our favorite games.

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