Blockchain will change the online gambling Industry

The blockchain technology behind the bitcoin and all other crypto currencies will have a much bigger influence on the online gaming industry. Blockchain will become the game-changer for the online gambling world and we will tell you why. The number of online casinos introducing cryptos as payment methods is constantly growing. In addition, regulatory bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority are working on promoting blockchain technology and that alone is proof we have only began to schratch the surface of the blockchain's true potential. Who knows in the future the crypto currency will be the first currency of choice for both online gamblers and online casinos.

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Reverse withdrawal and manual flushing explained

At Casinokings Club we find the manual flushing option an important feature for online casinos to offer to their players. Casinos that have manual flushing are given extra points in their rating. It is not only up to players to play responsibly and keep track on their gambling behaviour, the online casinos have a responsibility here as well.

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ESports continues to grow and so does side betting

ESports events are growing like wildfire around the globe. In 2017 the Esports Economy grew to a $700 million industry, a year-on-year growth of 41.3%. Brands are expected to spend $517 million, broken down into $155 million on advertising, $266 million on sponsorship, and a further $95 million on media rights. Brand investment will double by 2020, pushing the total market to a whopping $1.5 billion.

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GVC takes over Ladbrokes Coral

The acquisition and merger wave in the online gambling industry is not yet at an end. After barely a month of negotiations, GVC and Ladbrokes Coral struck a deal. GVC acquires Ladbrokes for a maximum amount of 4.5 billion euros. Ladbrokes receives 46.5 percent of the shares of the new combination GVC Ladbrokes Coral. GVC will soon own 53.5 percent of the shares. Together, GVC and Ladbrokes Coral accounted for a turnover of around € 3.4 billion, of which € 1.6 billion through online gambling. GVC Ladbrokes Coral will soon become the new global market leader.

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Why you should always read the bonus conditions (!)

We just added another article because we still hear many players who have problems playing a bonus. Especially when winning, very happy players sometimes get really disappointed. In a previous article we emphasized the need to read the bonus conditions ( terms & conditions), but here we like to go a little deeper into the matter, with a couple of examples.

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