The Man Who Cheated Vegas Casinos For Years And Stole Millions

One cheater outsmarted casinos in Las Vegas for years. In this new documentary you can see exactly how he worked. The terror of Las Vegas: master cheater Tommy Carmichael.

A lot of money is made in the casinos in Las Vegas for decades. Especially by the casinos themselves, because as a player you should only be lucky enough to get the right cards in blackjack, hit that lucky number at the roulette table or be that rare person to win big at a slot machine. But as long as there have been casinos, there are players there have been people give luck a hand with cheating. And of course, cheating can help you luck, as long as your devious tricks don’t stand out too much.

Blacklisted in Las Vegas

Cheating is as old as the history of the casino. Nothing new under the sun. But Las Vegas is pretty much the superlative in everything. So also when it comes to cheating. And there is only one city in the world that actually holds a blacklist for casino cheaters, of course that city is Las Vegas. Once you are on this black list, there is only one way  to get striked from that list again: Passing away.

You can cheat in many different ways in a casino, but not many people are successful in trying. We have seen counting cards at the blackjack tables, signaling with gestures or props, electronic devices, counterfeiting casino chips and all kind of other creative attempts. But sometimes a players comes up with a unique method of filling his pockets. Thix documentary shows exactly how one player became one of the most feared men in Las Vegas.


The man who stole millions

One of the 35 people currently on this blacklist  is American Tommy Carmichael (69). For years, he was one of the most infamous cheaters in Las Vegas. With all sorts of clever tricks, he managed to steal  many millions from the casinos by cheating. There is now a surprising documentary about his career as a cheater: The Man Who Cheated Vegas Casinos For Years And Stole Millions. Top entertainment, enjoy!