Why you should always read the bonus conditions(!)

We just added another article because we still hear many players who have problems playing a bonus. Especially when winning, very happy players sometimes get really disappointed. In a previous article we emphasized the need to read the bonus conditions ( terms & conditions), but here we like to go a little deeper into the matter, with a couple of examples.

Bonus at an online casino

Let there be no misunderstanding: online casinos often offer interesting bonuses. But you must not forget that they do this to welcome you as a new player. There are always conditions attached to that bonus. If you do not read them, you may be faced with unpleasant surprises. There are enough cases where a player wins a nice amount by playing his bonus, but this is not paid by the casino because the player violated the terms & conditions attached to the bonus. This may sound unfair and some conditions may be questionable, but the casino has a right to do this.

At Casinokings.club we always look at the bonus conditions that a casino has. We always assess whether the casino reports that there are conditions attached to the bonuses and that it is also clearly indicated that a player wishes to accept a bonus when they deposit. Accepting a bonus when depositing should never be mandatory.

Wagering requirements for a casino bonus

By far the best known rule for a bonus is the wagering requirement that applies, the so-called ‘wager’. This wager ensures that you have to wager your bonus money a number of times before you can cash out any winnings. There are numerous online examples of players who are angry and disappointed because they did not know that their bonus had a wager. For example, they deposit 100 euros and then receive a bonus of 100 euros with a wager of 30x. This means that the value of the amount obtained must be used 30x before being able to pay out. In this case, that is € 100 x 30 = € 3000. The Casino also keeps track of the wager in your account, so you can always see how much there is left to wager, before you can withdraw your winnings.

Maximum bet

It also happens that an online casino indicates that a bonus can only be played with a bet up to a certain maximum, for example 5 euro per spin. If you do not comply with this, the casino will irrevocably withhold your winnings. We also encounter many cases of this. You may question whether it is not the task of the online casino to draw a player’s attention to this during play, but this also has to do with legislation that determines what an online casino can and can not do. So again a good reason to read these terms & conditions.

Deposit and payment

When you register, do this with correct data. Should it appear that you used incorrect information, an online casino will proceed with sanctions. The fact that a casino asks for a legitimation and proof of address when paying out is not because they want to make things difficult for you, but because they are legally obliged to do so when pay-outs exceed 2000 euros. If it was up to the online casinos, the threshold to play was as low as possible, but there are rules that are in place for the safety of the players.

So there you have it. The terms & conditions will always be boring to read, but make sure you do. Happy playing!