Starting bonus at online casino

A starting bonus is a nice extra which can ensure that you can test how it is to play for real money at an online casino without it costing you a lot of money. Are you thinking about trying your luck at an online casino? You’re one of the many people who play with this thought. It is then up to you to decide whether you like it enough to play more often. Or maybe you win a nice amount of cash on your first try that makes you curious for more. Also at online casinos it is important that you play with your mind and do not get carried away. To help you play responsibly we have five great gambling tips for you to help you out.

Almost every online casino gives new and existing players bonuses and these come in all variations. Complimentary welcome bonuses are probably the most popular bonuses and getoffered by many online casinos. There are however some things to look for when you are thinking about using a bonus.

Reliability of online casino

This is perhaps the most important thing to check out. You want to make sure that the online casino where you play is fair and you will have a fair chance when playing. Our selection of casinos have been found 100% reliable and by Casino Kings Club. Many of these casinos have also certificates and proof of fair play on their site. Casino Kings Club is in no way affiliated with any online casino and therefore our reviews are 100% independent. We keep a close eye on all the online casinos that we have on the site and monitor on a regular basis if they still meet our standards and do not, for example, make adjustments to their conditions detrimental to players.

The kind of bonus

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. For new players online casinos offer welcome bonuses often in the form of free cash, free spins or a percentage that they add up to your first deposit(s). For example, a bonus of 100% up to € 150. You can therefore deposit € 150 and play with € 300. Or you get a number of free spins for every € 20 deposited.

The bonus conditions

The bonus conditions are important and most online casinos always refer to them and for good reason. It is certainly not the most interesting piece to read, but it is important. You want to know what requirements there are a to a bonus, right? Think of free spins that you should play within a few days otherwise they expire. That’s a shame! Or how about a bonus which is only awarded to you at a certain time? You do want to know this in advance!

The wager

Well that wager. Of course, also included in the bonus conditions, but we give it extra attention because this is one of the factors that makes a bonus more or less interesting. When a bonus has a wager of 25 for example, which is fairly common for a wager, it means that you have to play the bonus money 25 times before you can cash out any potential profit you have made. So if you deposit € 150 and there is a bonus of 100% deployed with a wager of 25 you need to play 150 x 25 x 2 before you can withdraw your winnings. That is in this case an amount of € 7,500.

The customer

What does the customer do with a started well or bonus? Maybe not much, but if you need help, it’s good to know that a customer is on standby which you state and helps to talk in a friendly way. This is also a part of the assessment of online casinos where we look at Kings Club Casino. So if you have questions, you can always contact a good customer.

Now playing your money around can go quite quickly and you certainly can most certainly cash a nice amount when you get lucky at an online casino. And when you play on a slot machine with a progressive jackpot, you can even become a millionaire with it, as you undoubtedly have read in online news articles here and there. Also many players win smaller amount that don’t make the headlines, but can still make big changes in their lives. So give it a go, never play more than you can miss and gamble with your mind.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a few online casinos with a nice welcome bonus, click on one of the banners or see our list of welcome bonuses. Good luck!

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