Reverse withdrawal and manual flushing explained

If you are new to playing online casinos you probably have no clue what we are talking about. And even some players that have been playing for a while don’t actually realise the importance of manual flushing and reverse withdrawals. So we think it is a good thing to explain this because it can help you in your choice for an online casino to play at and manual flushing can save your funds when you are cashing out.

Manual flushing is a great option that, in our opinion, should be offered by any casino that takes its players seriously. You’ve probably come across the term ‘manual flushing’ before, but definitely not as often as you could have, considering how important that option is in the world of online gambling.

What is Manual flushing?

Manual flushing is the option offered by certain online casinos to move your funds from the pending period area. You can’t access the funds and potentially lose them through continued gambling. This way you keep your funds safe until the withdrawal transaction is complete.

We know that it happens quite often that a player wins a significant sum at an online casino and this players decides to cash out. A withdrawal request is made and the withdrawal is checked by the online casino for approval. During this pending period, however, a player can get twitchy and decide to continue playing with the funds he decided to cash out earlier. Can he do that? Yes, because online casinos offer the option of a ‘reverse withdrawal’ meaning a player can cancel a withdrawal request while it is in the pending period. Of course any online casino won’t mind players doing this because it increases the chances of the player losing it.

However, once a player has filed for a withdrawal and requested a manual flush from the casino, the requested funds become inaccessible to the player so that he won’t be tempted to use them until the process is all done. I guess we can call it some sort of an insurance or self-protection to make sure you actually cash out. Not all online casinos offer manual flushing to their players, but if you ever get in the situation of cashing out a nice amount, you will be happy if your casino does.

Reverse withdrawal explained

Now there is also the reverse withdrawal option which is a bit of the counterpart of manual flushing. Reverse withdrawal, is actually offered to serve the online casino and not so much the player. Sure, it can be a useful tool when you want to keep playing and you don’t have any money left in your e-wallet. But reverse withdrawal can be a potential disaster for players who have little to no self-discipline. At a certain point you won a nice sum and decided to cash out, but somewhere down the line the urge to keep playing, or start playing again, took over.

Using reverse withdrawal means a player will cancel a withdrawal request in order to use this money to keep playing. This means he can easily say goodbye to his winnings he wanted to cash out earlier. If you are you easily tempted by the lure of online gambling or have trouble to call it quits, then there is only one solution: don’t use reverse withdrawal or better make sure you use manual flushing!

It can come as no surprise that the majority of online casinos do not offer manual flushing because it decreases the number of players using the reverse withdrawal option that most casinos do offer. High-rated and popular casinos like Trada Casino, Videoslots Casino, 32 Red casino and Casumo Casino and Slots Million all feature manual flushing, so you might want to give them a go if you don’t trust yourself to stop before it’s too late.

Play responsibly

At Casinokings Club we find the manual flushing option an important feature for online casinos to offer to their players. Casinos that have manual flushing are given extra points in their rating. It is not only up to players to play responsibly and keep track on their gambling behaviour, the online casinos have a responsibility here as well. Of course we know that an online casino will be happy with players that keep on playing and that is fine, but we do feel they should offer all tools and services possible to keep players from going off the steep end.