Most expensive poker set in the world

Poker is played by millions of people around the world. Not only in casinos and online casinos but people also a lot at home with their own poker set. When you buy a set you usually don’t want to spend too much money on it because the cards and chips will be exposed to crisps and beers.

buying expensive poker set?

But obviously there are people who want to show their fellow poker players that they went the extra mile to buy a nice poker set to show off with. We’ve selected some pretty exclusive poker sets and put them on a list for you, ranging from pretty expensive to completely over the top with matching price tag.

6. Pre-WWII poker chips with pickled Swastika

For only € 1,999.99 you buy this questionable swastika vintage poker set, with the original box intact. There are a total of 283 chips in this set that were apparently fabricated before the outbreak of World War II. The person who sells the kit, is a collector and has to a lot of vintage stuff for sale, but this would not be an item for us to show off with on a friendly poker night.

poker swastika

5. Asprey Luxury Poker Set

Asprey, a 200-year-old British company in luxury goods, is known for its cool design products. Special items, jewellery, board games, Asprey has it all, including this € 7500 poker set in cinnamon English saddle leather.

poker Asprey

The set includes 550 ceramic chips, 2 packs of Asprey playing cards and a dealer chip with a palladium finish. The case also has palladium locks at the front.

4. Cartier’s Classic Poker Set

If you are willing to lay down € 7,500 for an Asprey poker set, then you might also want to consider another option that is a bit more exclusive. Founded in Paris by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847, Cartier produces high-end jewelry and watches all over the world. And as a nice extra they decided to design a luxury poker set.

For only € 10.100 you can buy this unique set of 360 chips in five colors, two sets of playing cards and five dice in red and black, neatly hidden in a gilt casket.

Cartier poker classic

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3. Vintage Cartier Poker Chips Set

This set was offered on eBay by the Gallery of Design and Culture in Dortmund, Germany, and is truly unique; the chips are made of plastic and have an original design.

A bit of a strange thing with this set is the pricing though: the description says that the set is worth more than € 30,000, although the set was on sale for “only” € 7500. It is difficult to estimate the true value of this set, but because its value is likely to exceed € 10,000 it gets a well-deserved third place on our list.

poker cartier

2. Meteorite Poker Set

Designed and developed by the Swedish jeweler, Stahl, the meteorite Poker Set is the second most expensive poker set in the world, with a price tag of € 150,000. It is carved out of an 800,000 years old meteor that landed on our planet somewhere in the north of Sweden and is known as the “Muonionalusta” meteor.

poker meteorite

All elements in the kit are coated with 18-carat white gold and adorned with valuable, premium quality stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires. It contains 120 chips, a deck of cards of excellent quality and five ivory dice. The latter is a bit of a shame in this day and age and because of this we would never buy it. Ok, we would not buy it because of the insane price tag either.

The inside of the case is made of Swedish reindeer skin and the outside is made of exquisite polished leather. It is hard to imagine that this set is used to actually play a real game of poker with rather than putting it behind lock and key by a wealthy collector who loves poker.

1. Geoffrey Parker Poker Set

Founded in Hertfordshire, England in the early 1960s, Geoffrey Parker is known as one of the top hand game manufacturers in the world. A few years ago, Geoffrey Parker set the record for the most expensive poker set when the company introduced a set with a prize of a whopping € 7,5 million. Just to buy it you have to go all in already!

poker Geoffrey Parker

Made for the ultimate high roller, the case has genuine alligator skin, finished in a color chosen by the customer. The ombination locks are made of 18-carat white gold and suede the lining is framed by a 18-carat gold and diamonds frame.

In teh case there are 384 18-carat white gold chips , all inlaid on both sides with stingray skin which can be fitted with any currency that the customer wants. The edge of each chip is inlaid with precious stones: white diamonds for the white chips, rubies for the red, sapphires for the blue, emerald for the green and black diamonds for the black. The dealer button is also equipped with 18-carat white gold and set with two rows of diamonds at the edges. The set has a total of 22 364 gemstones with 1,012 carats in total. To top it off, as if that is still needed, the set includes four packs of platinum finished cards. If you have the money to buy this set, you have to be patient because it takes up to six to nine months to produce.

The advantage of online poker is that you do not even need a poker set because everything takes place on your screen. In addition, online casinos give the necessary bonuseswelcome bonuses for you to redeem.