Chaos in Swiss lottery, winner million Swiss Francs is recalled

In Switzerland, a very chaotic lottery took place live on television during Christmas. Big winner and shortly after bad luck was Andreas Bürkli who missed out on a million Swiss Franc (888,000 euros).

Announcement live on TV

For Andreas Bürkli it was a lottery dream that came out when his name was announced by the German singer Herbert Grönemeyer. Yet this dream would never be granted to him, because the Swiss public television channel SRF did not apologize much later about the fact that Bürkli was wrongly chosen as the winner by a technical mistake. And that makes for a rather painful moment, because that the announcement took place with bells, whistles and even a real suitcase, made sure that there is still a long talk in Switzerland about this extremely remarkable event.

Technical problems

In a later statement, an official Swisslos employee apologized by communicating that the draw had to be carried out manually because of technical problems. In all the hectic, 11 names would have been put in the tube instead of the usual 10. Calculated that extra name would be drawn, the name of Andreas Bürkli. The representative of the Swiss Lotto stated after the moment that Andreas Bürkli would never have been the legitimate winner, because he did not answer his phone after the announcement.

How this draw went wrong

Participants paid 10 Swiss francs (converted 9 euros) for a ticket and returned it to the lottery operator Swisslos. Ten lots were selected for the final draw.
While TV presenter Röbi Koller and singer Herbert Grönemeyer were initiating the draw, the names of the potential winners were shown on a screen behind them.

These 10 contenders had to be ready with their phone to record after the draw. In addition to these 10 names there were also reserve names that would be added, in case someone would not be available. The first of the 10 was indeed not available, while the number two missed a number in the given phone number. The organizers therefore decided to add an 11th, 12th and 13th ticket to the list.

It was at this moment that confusion arose, because only nine names appeared on the screen behind them. Shortly thereafter, a representative from Swisslos got on stage to correct this, but by accident 11 lottery tickets ended up in the tube. The name of Andreas Bürkli was drawn and singer Herbert Grönemeyer called to the given telephone number. However, Andreas Bürkli did not answer.

New draw after Christmas

According to Swisslos, Andreas Bürkli did not complain about the state of affairs and he even agreed to accept the excuses of the show. In fact, according to the lottery, Andreas Bürkli turned out to be a very sporty loser. The organisation will now work on a new draw that will be held after Christmas, with hopefully slightly less chaos then.

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