Security and fair play at online casinos

With the invention of online casinos, playing your favorite casino games has become easier, more accessible and more diverse than ever before. But where you used to be able to keep your private information to yourself, you are now expected to send it via an application form to an unknown party through an internet connection. What about security and does the online casino treat your information confidential? In a time where more than ever before people are warned for internet fraud and fishing, it’s good to know where you can find secure and trustworthy casinos.

An online casino that deals with the online gambling market has required a license to games of chance for money. This license means that the casino is registered with and controlled by the licensor in the country of registration. Many online casino companies are registered in countries like Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. Casino legislation is more flexible in those countries than in other (European) countries, but that does not mean that supervision is less strict. Precisely because there are so many casinos registered in these countries, the supervisors know exactly what to look for and the conditions for obtaining a license are strict.

Online casinos make an explanation of the registration and security of the casino and under which name and where it is registered. Sometimes online casinos fall under an umbrella group, making security even better. Another good way to check if an online casino is legitimate is to look at the reviews posted at All casinos and bonuses are strictly controlled by and, as new casinos are added, casinos that no longer meet our standards will be deleted and lose their seal of recommendation. In addition, there are also more reviews of players that we monitor and take into account when rating casinos.

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Online Payments (Deposit and Inclusion)

Safe payment may be one of the most important aspects of a well-secured casino. You do not want to your money to end up somewhere it shouldn’t be, or that your winnings don’t get paid out for any reason. You also want your data to be securely stored so that it can not be stolen by third parties. What you have to take care of is to work with passwords that are not easy to guess or too obvious. For example, do not use “12345” or the name of the casino where you create an account, which is really easy. Another important thing is to check which payment methods are offered and whether there is a so-called third party. This third party is a kind of intermediary that arranges the payments between you and the casino. Well-known third parties are Neteller and Skrill. In addition, payments via Paypal or credit card are usually possible at a safe and legit casino.

Your privacy and security at online casinos

In addition to providing a good password, you can follow another rule that applies here, including online casinos: no one will ever ask for your password, even an online casino employee. In fact, if this happens, you immediately know that something is not right. Of course, entering your password to log in is another story, but you should never ever give your password to the support department. This personal data is available at the online casino, but is encrypted so that no one can read it. Software used for this purpose comes from parties like Cryptologic.

professional casinos use SSL encryption for securityAs additional security, which we think should also be the standard for any casino, many online casinos make use of 128-bit SSL encryption software, which means that your data is encrypted with mathematical algorithms that are so strong that it is not just decipherable. In addition, there are also companies that protect networks against viruses, hackers, and other digital attacks.

onafhankelijke audit op security door ecograIf an online casino has a good security, they will definitely make it known and usually mention this on their site. An online casino that fails to do so or tries to abuse you as a player will not post such proof as quickly or forge this proof. Also, online casinos use third parties for regular checks to show that their games are truly fair play. Also, we check all casinos at for the presence of security software and fair play reports. This way you know you can enjoy your games at the casinos listed on without having to worry about security and fair play.

Blacklist of rogue casinos

Even a website like ours can’t show all legitimate and secure online casinos. We make our selection based on basics such as security, fair play, and service, but we also look at bonuses, VIP programs, design and selection of games offered. To help online players even more, we also have a blacklist of rogue casinos with the names of casinos we know that do not have their basics in order or are even deliberately trying to mislead players. If you have experiences with a casino that you think should be on this list, then let us know and we will investigate.