Roulette in different variations

The roulette table still has great appeal to many people and also in the online (live) casinos this game is still very popular. Roulette is easy to understand for everyone and thus you can easily join in immediately, even as a beginner. And who does not know the phrase “Rien ne va plus? That being said if you as a player can not bet more because the ball will fall into the wheel. But did you know that there are several variations. Roughly speaking, there are two kinds of roulette: French (also called European) and American Roulette.
indeling Frans rouletteFrench / European roulette setup.

The classic French (European) roulette

In French roulette you play normally on a blue table with insert surfaces on both sides. However, the most popular and most available European roulette on green table. A French / European roulette table has 37 slots including 0. You can bet on this’ even ‘and’ odd ‘,’ red ‘and’ black ‘and’ 1-18 ‘or ’19 -36′. This will be referred to as the single-use. You will get one times your bet, plus of course your own efforts. When profit is therefore doubling your bet. Additionally, you can bet on French roulette on various single issues and series of numbers, such as the big series, ” small series’ and orphelins. When 0 is breaking the ‘La Partage’ line in operation at these bets, which you get back half of your bet. Additionally, you can naturally also on the 0 itself places a bet. The ‘La Partage’ rule the house edge drops to 1.35%. The French roulette is the brainchild of Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician who design elaborated further.

indeling amerikaans rouletteAmerican roulette setup.

American roulette is the real gambler

With the arrival of American roulette the game became popular in American casinos. The big difference with the French version is that the table now also has a ’00’. So there is a ’00’ in addition to the normal 0. This means more home advantage and a lower average payout. For you as a player but it is an additional opportunity to bet on the ’00’.

Other variants of roulette

Besides American and French roulette there are more versions, such as mini roulette, which is played mostly online. In China, many casinos also no-Zero Roulette played the zero does not appear on the wheel.

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