Online casino, real money or play money?

When it comes to playing at online casinos you have two choices. You can register, deposit and play with real money from a real money balance or you can choose to play with play money first to get an idea what an online casino is all about.

Get to know the casino and the games with play money

There are more advantages to starting with play money before switching to a real money in an online casino. You can experience the online casino and try out all the games you want free of charge. This way you can get an idea of the kind of games you want to play. Maybe you are into slots or maybe you find out that you are more of a table games kind of player. You don’t run the risk of losing money on games you may not even enjoy that much or by making rookie mistakes that can cost you when you immediately start with a real money bank roll.

Things to consider when playing with a real money account at an online casino

So when you are ready for it, you can register if you have not done that yet. At more and more online casinos you need to register to play the games with play money too. This has everything to do with rules and regulations and online casinos have to take precautions to prevent visitors of 18 years and younger to register and play even when it is just free games.

After registration it is always good to verify your account right away. This verification process will take at between 24 and 72 hours at most casinos. Make sure that you blur out your social security number when registering at an online website or casino because this is NOT needed for identification and if you leave it readable it can increase the chances on identity fraud.

Set your limits and get to know your limits

After your first deposit you are good to go, but not before you have set your limits. Every professional and trustworthy online casino has a responsible gaming section that offers multiple ways to set limits. There are deposit limits, session limits, wagering limits, loss limits and a reality check option.

We strongly advice you to set at least a deposit limit. Our advice is always to take it easy and don’t go crazy on your bet size. Get to know the games and get to know your own behaviour when you are playing online. I you feel you get carried away, the deposit limit will save you because you can’t keep playing. Also increasing the deposit limit will take a certain period of time, also known as a cool off period. This way you have time to reconsider new deposits and evaluate your online casino experience. Keep in mind that online gambling should be fun and is not a way to make money: when the fun stops, stop!