Casino streamer wins big on live stream

Today live online casino streamer Jarttu84 won big at the live roulette table. With all his viewers as witnesses the enthusiastic streamer from Vantaa, Finland managed to rake in a whopping 60.000 euro on a live roulette table. Of course his big win was followed by his famous “Hello Youtub-e” which means he will upload this big win to his Youtube channel where he has over 18.000 subscribers. Jarttu84 is pretty well known and has his ways to entertain his audience. But today this special treat at LeoVegas Casino was unexpected for both Jarttu84 and his audience.

Next to gamers who stream their achievements in their favorite games, the slot players that stream their gambling activities live, are becoming more and more popular too amongst viewers who tune in on their Twitch or Youtube channels. Sometimes these streams can go on for hours and hours.

Are slot streamers for real?

Every now and then the discussions about wether or not the online casino streamers are all legit, pops up. Some viewers don’t believe these players are playing with their own money, but instead get paid by the casino where they play in the live stream so the online casino gets good promotion. However, for most people, there is no reason to believe these players are not legit. If someone else does have the money to do this and you don’t, it does not mean it can’t be for real. But of course this is for eveyone to decide for himself. We think we would get pretty tired of faking enthusiasms on big wins and frustration and disappointment on losses that are not your own.

All we can say is congratulations to Jarttu84 and if you want to see him, go check out his Twitch channel or Youtube channel. And if you are feeling lucky yourself, go check out LeoVegas Casino. You never know when Lady Luck is sitting right next to you.