5 original casino promotions from around the globe

As you know, online casinos will go to great length to promote themselves by offering interesting bonus packages to potential new players. And the number of online casinos just keeps on growing and players can enjoy the excitement of their favorite games wherever they want by playing on their mobile devices.

But let’s not forget that there are also still a lot of land-based casinos that also have their marketing departments come up with original ways to promote the casino brands and attract new players to their brick and mortar locations. Below you find five of the most original casino promotions we could find and we have to admit that they are all pretty clever and very entertaining. Enjoy!

1. Tram Roulette by Holland casino (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Holland Casino in Amsterdam introduced Tram Roulette to the Dutch and they loved it!


2.Grosvenor Casino Cab (London, Great Britain)

Grosvenor offered live casino table excitement in a London cab.


3. Kevin Dillon Rizk Casino commercials

Kevin Dillon (Entourage) starred in a series of commercials for Rizk Casino




4. Las Vegas Casino – What happens here, stays here



5. Unibet – mobile betting