Casino Bonus Stratégie

« A good casino bonus strategy, yeah right ». Sure, we understand your scepsis. There is no general casino bonus strategy that works for everyone. Each player plays in his own way and picks his own selection of online casino bonuses. A high roller is often loyal to a few casinos and looks to the bigger bonuses. Other players just visit sites like looking many different lower bonuses. If a strategy sound too « heavy » for you, but you do appreciate a few practical tips from experienced players, then read our Casino Bonus Tips !

Can you beat the online casinos with a good strategy?

The huge and growing offer of online casinos makes them very competitive with each other. This means that every online casino out there is willing to go pretty far to win you as a customer. And what do you get in a market where supply exceeds demand by a clear mile? In this case, ever more spectacular bonuses. There are so many bonuses to choose from that it is difficult to make a choice. A good casino bonus strategy will definitely help you in making your choices.

What is important for you to realize is that all (online) casino games – AND THEN WE MEAN ALL OF THEM- are constructed on a mathematical « house advantage ». There is no strategy that can rule out this advantage. In the early days people counted cards in a casino, but that is prohibited in most casinos. This means that you can have a good winning streak in the first few days, weeks or months, but in the long run the casino has this advantage. This is simply a fact. But this does not mean that you can not win because there are fortunately a lot of casinos with a lot of bonuses and there is the factor called luck.

To calculate the house advantage of a casino you take the house advantage percentage and multiply it by the value of your bet to determine your « expected value (EV). We illustrate this with an example:

A particular online casino with slot machines advertises a payout percentage of 90%, this means that the casino has a 10% house advantage on that particular slot. In the long run the casino will collect about 10 cents profit per bet. This means that 1,000 spins on a slot machine casino has an expected value profit of 100. If you started with 200 euro, and you have played a 1,000 times on the slot machine, you would end up with an average of 100 euros from your original EUR 200.

When you read this, it sounds as if you as a player are definitely on the short end of the stick. But of course there are the free spins and welcome bonuses to play with. For example you get from your initial deposit of 200 euros as stated in the example, a 100% deposit bonus. Now you have an additional € 200 to play with. With a total of € 400 instead of € 200, you should be able to have an EV of € 300 after 1000 spins! A profit of € 100. As long as you play with bonuses, it is most certainly possible to make profits. By playing the right games and especially to use the right casino bonuses, you can start working on long-term profits. Of course you need to manage your bankroll and take your time for this.

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Online Casino Bonus conditions are important for your strategy!

The online casinos know that there are people who are smart enough to use a lot of different bonuses. For that reason, online casinos set conditions on the release and payment of bonuses: the bonus conditions.

It is almost always true that you get the profits you’ve earned with your bonus, but you can withdraw these profits immediately. Usually you have to play the bonus amount around 15 to 30 times (the wager) before you can withdraw it. Due to this condition the advantage moves again more to the side of the casino, just when we thought we had our advantage! Here you must survive with some luck. What can help is to play more table games than slots. Another solution is to ensure that you have a larger buffer to make a larger deposit: you will not become bankrupt because if your casino account runs out, you also lose your bonus.

Choice for a casino bonus strategy

There are a number of casino bonus strategies that you can have some success with:

  • Free Spin Bonus strategy (free spins at casino slots)
  • Welcome bonus strategy (1st deposit bonus)
  • Free Cash Bonus strategy (play with casino money for one hour and keep the wins)
  • Reload Bonus strategy (loyalty bonuses per casino)
  • No deposit Bonus strategy (free play money, often small amounts)
  • High roller Bonus strategy (high bonuses, high deposits!)

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