Zodiac casino registration and payouts

We get quite a few questions about Zodiac Casino and whether or not this is a good casino to play at. Zodiac Casino is on our website so it meets our level for approval. Are there other online casinos that score higher? Sure, but that does not mean Zodiac is a bad casino. The reason that this casino raises questions, is mainly due to the somewhat awkward online campaign that the company behind this casino ran for quite some time. It suggested that people had won a large sum of money with their free spins offer. One time it is a McDonalds employee who wins a big sum of money on his cellphone and another time it is a supermarket employee taking immediate dismissal after winning big. This campaign ran in different countries and was quite a success.

Zodiac Casino login

Signing up at Zodiac is really easy. A matter of registering, logging in and playing. Zodiac has a desktop version of its casino and also a mobile casino. When you go to the site of Zodiac with an Apple computer, you will be redirected to the mobile version. This version is just as good as the desktop version. The sign at Zodiac Casino is as easy on desktop and mobile, and the mobile version is growing in popularity. We also look at other online casinos.

Zodiac casino pay

It must also be said here: there are online casinos that pay out quicker than Zodiac. But we did not encounter any big issues like we encounter often enough with casinos that we do not place on our site. The casino is part of the Casino Rewards Group which include Captain Cook, Casino Action and < a href = "https://www.casinokings.club/golden-tiger-casino/">Golden Tiger casino. A casino with an online campaign like this, can expect some comments, both positive and negative.

Also try your luck and judge it for yourself? Click on the banner below. Maybe you will win big too. You really don’t have to be a supermarket employee or work at McDonalds. 😉

Zodiac Casino