Withdrawals from online casinos

Playing at an online casino is fun and exciting and there are millions of people who try their luck every now and then. Playing to win cash makes every game even more exciting, right? But how much can you actually win? And if you win a vast amount, how easy is it to withdraw your casino winnings?

We’ve all read and heard the stories about players winning huge prizes and jackpot millions that are paid out with a lot of publicity. But are these winners real and how many people are actually winning an amount that is still pretty big but just not big enough for the press to write about?

Casino profits really exist and we know for a fact that there are thousands of players worldwide who win a nice amount every day. Yet we also receive complaints about issues involving the payment of winnings in an online casino.

Pay out casino winnings in three simple steps

As soon as you have won a nice cash prize, you want to withdraw it as quickly as possible. After all, cashing profit is just as easy as depositing money … well, it should be. We often read emails of players who feel that the casino is unnecessarily stalling payouts or sometimes even refusing to pay out.

We are not talking about rogue online casinos but about bona fide casinos that can sometimes give issues with paying out wins, but often with good reason. That is why it is important that you know what to do if you want to get paid quickly. Below are three easy steps that will prevent most of the delays of your wins.

  • When you register at an online casino, make sure you register with your true name, address, birth date etc. When you don’t an online casino will always have the right to forfeit your wins and close your account.
  • Control of financial transactions is very important and even mandatory for an online casino. So make sure that you have your banking affairs in order. Only deposit money from a bank, credit card or e-wallet that belongs to you and is actually in your name. Note that depositing and paying to the same account happen, this can prevent many questions and / or delays.
  • You can only pay if you have met all the terms & conditions. So not only should your account be verified, but any bonus requirements must also be fulfilled, make sure you read them although they are boring. TIP: After creating a player account, contact the customer service directly and ask if they want to verify your account details immediately. So don’t wait until your first withdrawal.

Maximum payout online casino winnings per day / week

Many online casinos have a maximum payout limit. Sometimes per day, which is quite ridicilous, but often per week. Of course this is something that should be regulated properly because there is no casino in the world that would do the same for depositing money. Yet it still remains one of the most common complaints sometimes accompanied by the argumentation from the online casino.

    An online casino says that this is a way of guaranteeing the cash flow of the casino. Suppose 10 players win different jackpots on different games on the same day. The total amount could be millions that will be cashed out. The casino must be able to pay all this. Of course you can ask yourself how big the chances are of this happening.
  • A more valid reason is that a player returns a part of the money won, even after listing it for withdrawal. It can be lucrative for the casino to slow down payout of winnings in the hope that a player cancels a portion of the money won and starts playing with it again at the online casino. Online casinos offer this option as ‘reverse withdrawal’. This is why we, at Casinokings.club, would find it a good idea if manual flushing would be made a mandatory option for every online casino. When you flush a withdrawal manually it means you lock it for cashing out and you can’t undo this.
  • Poor financial management. You will not believe it, but there are still casinos that spend more money than there are. These are therefore simply unable to pay all amounts won. By setting this limit, they can always pay the various players a share of the winnings and thus keep all players “satisfied”.

So make sure you prepare yourself properly before you start playing and of course only play at trustworthy online casinos. We have a good selection here on our site. When you win an amount you want to withdraw, it should add up to your excitment and not be the start of a dragging conversation with the online casino.