What is a bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casinos are casinos that offert bitcoin as a way of payment. Bitcoin is a digital currency and is probably the safest way to do transactions online. Where paying with a traditional currency like dollars or euros you are always required to give personal information connected to your payment method. With Bitcoin you can pay completely anonymous.

The state-of-the-art encryption that secures your Bitcoin transactions is used in government and military transactions, so you know it’s the safest around. As long as you take the required steps to ensure your wallet is protected, no one can ever get their hands on your money.

So what is a bitcoin exactly?

The Bitcoin network is completely free of fees, so no mandatory transaction fees are charged. Bitcoin is not owned by anyone and is completely open source. There is a total of 21.000.000 bitcoins out there. Over the years the value of bitcoins has grown rapidly and some owners have become millionaires by buying and selling at the right moment.

10 facts about bitcoin digital currency

P(l)ay with Bitcoins

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