Top 10 online jackpots

Just imagine this: you play in one of the online casinos and the improbable happens; you win the jackpot! What a feeling that must be! In a split second you are a millionaire and your life is changed forever! These are the 10 biggest jackpots in recent years. We count down from 10 to 1.

10. A Christmas present that you do not want to return

On December 19, 2013, just a few days before Christmas, received a lucky player from Stockholm the Christmas present of his life. The 26-year-old man won a jackpot of € 4,159,181 at Unibet Online Casino by playing the Arabian Nights slot game developer Net Entertainment. The victory is the third largest a casino has ever paid out. The new multi-millionaire said he had read stories about online casino winners, but he never thought that he would also be part of such a story. “I felt like I had a heart attack,” he added. With the money he has, among other things, he bought an apartment and booked a holiday, the latter was certainly not a weekend in Legoland.

9. Checkout with 4.3 million Euros for a Big Fish

A member of the Palladium Lounge at PartyGaming VIP Club has won an astonishing € 4.3 million. The lucky player called gamago ‘placed a bet of € 40 on popular Gold Mega Jackpot game Mega Fortune Wheel on December 2, 2009. “I did not expect to win anything,” said the elated player on his record amount, but now he is pretty in the top 10. Gamago had already agreed a € 50,000 and won a € 100,000 jackpot, but he had never won a multimillion jackpot. Now it is hoped that this VIP player has also collected money and has not lost everything again …

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8. Mega Moolah Multi Millionaire

Klaus E., from Finland became a multimillionaire in April 2008, when his 50c bet turned into a prize of 4.8 million euros. He played Mega Moolah at Blackjack Ballroom Online Casino. Klaus was completely shook up after his big win. With the money he paid off his mortgage and he went on holiday. Klaus also flew to Sydney to celebrate his victory. At that time, Klaus was the thirteenth Microgaming millionaire.

mega moohla online casino jackpot winnaarLucky Klaus E. uit Finland.

7. Scottish fisherman in the online casino Millionaires Top 10

A Danish fisherman playing the Hall of Gods slot from NetEnt at BetVictor Online Casino got lucky.He ran off with a whopping 6.4 million at the progressive jackpot in October 2013 with a 20 pence piece. He is still a fisherman today, because he loves his job. The winner added that he was planning to give part of the money to charity. He is in seventh place in our top 10. Lucky number seven, right?

6. The Dark Knight Millionaire

John Orchard from Lincolnshire, England won £ 5.8 million playing The Dark Knight video slot online in December 2012 at Butler’s Casino. This game is linked to the Mega Moolah jackpot network. Orchard said he was planning to work for at least five years at his former employer, but one of the biggest online casino jackpots so threw a spanner in the works. He tried immediately contacted the customer service, which he confirmed was a millionaire.

dark knight online casino jackpot winnaarJohn Orchard cashed 5 million British Pounds, around 6,7 million euros.

5. Gold Rally jackpot twice in a week!

There are regular players millionaire, but not at any casino, this happened twice in the same week. Well, so far, then, and with it a place in the top 10. Gold Rally, the classic slot machine with 3 reels and 8 paylines developed by Playtech online casino software provider, went twice in one week a huge amount during the first week of December 2013. the first winner picked up $ 6,347,118, while the second $ 277,228. The names of the lucky winners are still unknown. This Wild West theme slot had until then been $ 33,793,700.00 paid to many lucky winners.

4. Mega Moolah pays Millions

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming software provider is perhaps the most famous slot in the online casino world and can not be missing in this top 10. The game has many players from all over the world turned to lucky winners. Georgios M. is one of those many happy players: won in March 2009 Georgios € 6.3 million at the River Belle Online Casino. His comment: “Never lose hope; it is a small moment can change your life.”

3. Swedish player wins € 7.6 million

A Swedish lady, the biggest online casino jackpot was won in Sweden in November 2012. She won € 7,600,000 playing Hall of Gods slot at Unibet Online Casino. With the millions she paid off her house and some debt and then went to Thailand with the whole family. “And I give myself a new car”, L., added whose life has completely changed. This was the biggest win ever at Unibet Casino.

2. Guinness World Record Win

A young man from Norway could not sleep and decided to play some games at online casinos On that sleepless night on September 24 2011 he was € 11,736,375 richer. The game came in the Guinness World of Records for the biggest jackpot ever fallen into an online slots game, Mega Fortune in this case. The anonymous player could not sleep all night. Huw Thomas, head of, was in shock and he added that it was a great compliment for the website to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

1. World Record Slot Machine Win

Score an amount of € 17,861,800 with just 25 cents. This bizarre growth in assets took place at an online casino PAF by a forty year old man from Finland. “I laughed and cried together,” said the lucky winner. The lucky moment was on January 20, 2013 on the progressive jackpot Mega Fortune. The various partner Net Entertainment casinos the progressive jackpot games together offer the jackpot pool of the game. The victory came for the Finn as a complete surprise and it was a dream come true.

So as you see but, almost all winners in this top 10 “never expected it,” and “did not think it would happen to them,” do so. It remains fun and exciting to play at an online casino. And one of the many bonuses gonna obviously extra good start. Good luck and have fun!!

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