Three things all good online casinos should do

Online casinos are always buys trying to reel in new players. This is normal because the more players they get to sign up (and stay) the better the online casino will do. For getting players to sign up almost all online casinos use welcome bonuses, but besides that we don’t see a lot of creativity. The same goes for the loyalty programs to keep players happy and make them come back to your casino.

This is why we have three tips for online casinos:

  1. Make manual flushing a standard
  2. Use parachute bonuses
  3. Donate balance leftovers to charity

Make manual flushing a standard

Yes, we know. It sounds controversial because to offer manual flushing and this is probably why very few online casinos offer it because the goal of an online casino is to make as much money on players as possible. So why give players the option to lock their withdrawals and prevent them from reversing their withdrawals and continue playing? In our opinion it is simple: you give a winning player a much better feeling so the chance that he will deposit again at your casino is a lot bigger. The reversing option is more of a short term win where the manual flushing is a long term solution.

Use parachute bonuses

The parachute bonus is such a nice variation on the standard bonuses most casinos provide. But for some reason there are still not many online casinos that offer them. With a parachute bonus a players accepts a bonus, but plays with deposit money first. If he wins with that money before dipping into the bonus money, the bonus can be dropped.

Donate balance leftovers to charity

Many players want to clean out their balance when they had a bad run. They end up with a few cents in their balance. How nice would it be if there would be an option to donate this little left over to charity? On the other hand we can also imagine that players will be willing to donate a little money when they are on a winning streak. It is also a very nice way for an online casino to profile itself.

So, there you have it. Three ways in which an online casino could increase its reputation amongst players with relatively little effort. Of course it speaks for itself that the bonus packages and the terms and conditions that come with it are reasonable and have no predatory passages in them.