The top 5 most expensive watches in the world

We all dream sometimes of the thought of hitting the big jackpot. And if you are fully loaded, then you should do things with your money. One of the toys that often could use an upgrade on a moment like that, is on your wrist. We have put the top five of the most expensive watches in the world together for you. And there is no arguing about taste. Would you wear one of them?

The value of an exclusive wrist clock mainly depends on the price of the components used, such as diamonds, dinosaur bone and even bits of meteorites or the moon. In addition, it is also the creative process and the level of detail on the various components of interest and of course how rare the item is.

5. Hublot Big Bang – Price: €4.447.000

hublot big bang diamonds

hublot big bang diamonds close up

This insane piece is more bling than BA baracus wore around his neck back in the days. the Big Bang is covered in diamonds, there are as many as in 1280, and rumour has it that Beyonce bought this expensive piece of jewelry as a gift for her husband Jay-Z.

4. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Pocket Watch – Price: €9.784.000

patek philippe henry graves pocket watch

patek philippe henry graves pocket watch back

A pocket watch of nearly 10 million. You dare to pick hardly appear. The clockwork is therefore built by the kings of Patek Phillipe watch. A brand that many men with taste high on the list state.

3. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona

rolex daytona paul newman

The most expensive Rolex in the world was the Bao Dai (ref. number 6062) wich was sold at an auction for over five million dollars. But now there is a new number one Rolex which smashed the five million dollars of the Bao Dai. The Rolex Daytona that was once worn by Paul Newman sold for a whopping $17,752,500 at auction.

2. Chopard 201 carat watch – Price: €22.238.000

chopard horloge

chopard close up

Are you familiar with the expression “can’t see the time through the diamonds?” That’s the issue with this women’s watch worth over 22 million. It is so full of diamonds that you can barely see the dial. Time in this case really is money. Not really our taste, so the fact that only one was made, is fine with us.

1. Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette – Price: €26.687.000

Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette horloge

Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette close-up

Designed on behalf of a worshiper of the French queen Marie Antoinette. In 1782, Abraham-Louis Breguet began with this very precious little project, but he would never finish it. His son took over the project in 1827 and it was finished after his death. The watch lies in a gold case with sapphires. Marie Antoinette has never worn it. Now it is well worth over 26 million euros! Katsjing!

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