The reason lucky streaks do actually happen

Once you have placed your bet and pulled the arm, pressed the button or turned the wheel, luck determines whether you win or not. At least that’s the theory, right? If you then win time and time again, you can start wondering if there is something more in the game than just luck.

If you try your luck with some regularity then you probably have experienced a lucky streak or ‘hot hand’. If not, this phenomenon describes what happens when the winning hands simply keep coming or the reels seem to be spinned by Lady Luck herself. But is there really such a thing as a lucky streak? According to a new scientific study there is, but not for the reasons you might think.

The fallacies and hot hands of players

After carefully studying the gambling habits and gains and losses of 776 online gamblers in Europe and the United States with a total of 565915 bets, researchers came to some interesting findings.

One of the most interesting points was that the chances of online gamblers winning or losing was 48%. After one victory, the odds went up slightly to 49%. However, the more you win, the better your chances to win again. According to this study, the chance to win a third time, is 57% and after that even 67%!

Why is this the case? It seems that gamblers believe they can lose at any time and therefore they bet safer with better odds and thus have a better chance of winning. This is how the phenomenon of the lucky streak was born.

From losing streak to lucky streak?

The study also found that the opposite is true. After every losing bet, the chance to win would drop drastically. The idea is that after so many losses, a player is becoming more determined to win back his losses, but this ensures that you will take greater risks and thus enter into bets with poor odds and or higher stakes. The ability to turn a losing streak into a winning streak is unlikely.

“The result is ironic: Winners will be more cautious and worried that their luck runs out, allowing them to make better decisions,” the researchers wrote. “By doing this, they were more likely to win. The losers were hoping that their chances would turn so they just took more risks. But that made the likelihood of more losses even greater.”

It thus appears that lucky hands are more than lucky hands, but they are determined by the behavior and choices of the player and not just luck. Are you ready to try your luck? At we have the best selection of bonuses , so choose a casino, open an account and grab that bonus! Good Luck!

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