The poker phenomenon Negreanu

When you have watched poker on TV or online chances are pretty big that you have seen Daniel Negreanu sitting at the table. In all the years we look at poker, not intensive but regularly, we got to admire this originating Romanian, Canadian more and more.

The 42-year-old Negreanu, nicknamed “Kid Poker” has earned a whopping thirty million(!) Dollars in his poker career and this amount does not include cash games. In 2014 Negreanu was the highest paid, or should we say best playing, poker player. He won numerous tournaments, including the WSOP 1998, 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2013 and is a member the best known member of the PokerStars poker team .

Playing poker without a hoodie or shades

Negreanu makes time to see again that he can read his opponents very well and can tell unerringly what cards they have, or are very close to sitting nearby. Negreanu also makes no effort to hide his emotions, not visible anyway. He likes to talk a lot and so you can learn more about his thoughts and considerations, and tries to get information on his opponents. That makes it a fun and interesting player to watch between dark sunglasses and pulled hoodies. He also predicted several times that tickets would go there turned by the dealer are on the turn and river, and even once both cards in succession!

The bank account of Daniel Negreanu

For someone with $ 30 million in prize money, Negreanu lives in a relatively modest house but he could easily afford a castle. The interior is a games palace: obviously there is a poker table in the living room, but also a pool table and arcade games. Negreanu started with smaller tournaments but managed to up his games through the years which resulted in six WSOP titles that were very good for his bank account.

  • World Series of Poker 1998 – $2.000 Pot Limit Hold’em – prize money: € 150.443,89
  • World Series of Poker 2003 – $2.000 Limit S.H.O.E. – prize money: € 89169,03
  • World Series of Poker 2004 – $2.000 Limit Hold’em – prize money: € 150124,29
  • World Series of Poker 2008 – $2.000 Limit Hold’em – prize money: € 181874,11
  • World Series of Poker Asia Pacific 2013 – AU$10.000 No Limit Hold’em – prize money: € 964992,01
  • World Series of Poker Europe 2013 – €25.600 No Limit Hold’em – prize money: € 869834,01

Computer game and book of Negreanu

book written by daniel negreanu power hold'em pokerNegreanu has written a book about poker with the catchy title “Power Hold’em where he and other young successful young poker players give advice and tips on how to become a successful poker player. A must read for every poker enthusiast! Daniel Negreanu also has his own computer game called “Stacked with Daniel Negreanu”. This game is available on PlayStation, PSP, Xbox and PC.

We hope that Negreanu will continue to play poker for many years, so that we can enjoy his personality and his poker skills.