Online gambling more popular

Juniper Research, an international company from England that focuses on mobile and digital technology sectors issued a report predicting that worldwide one in 10 adults will gamble online to some degree in 2019 with a strong growth for mobile. England and Italy are in the lead where it comes to people gambling online.

The accelerated growth is expected due to two main causes. The first is the shift of auctions sales for mobile devices and secondly there is an increase in liberalized online casinos for Europe and the US and, in our opinion, there is a third reason: It is fun and exciting! And more and more people find this out!

Companies that have licenses for online casinos in the US states of Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada show a dramatic increase in online casino generated revenues in the past two years. The study also confirms that in other US states where online gambling is not allowed yet, the traffic and with that the revenue for online casinos, continue to grow.

The EU takes the lead in changing the laws regarding online casinos and online gambling. However, firm tax rates imposed on licensed operators are a concern. Some providers have even left their future markets. The result is that their clients seek refuge in non-licensed online casinos that bypass legislation and the tax revenues are lost. This is a situation that needs to be resolved of course, the only question is how long that will take.

Last June, another research report named “Global Mobile Gambling Market 2015-2019” reported the mobile gaming market is experiencing an annual growth of 43% of total annual wagers. The end of this growth is nowhere in sight and we see that more and more online casinos have a very good mobile version of their casino. There are even jackpots won on mobile phones!