Online casinos with a good reputation

When you try your luck online every now and then, trying out a new online casino is always a bit exciting! Especially because you never know exactly what to expect. Although there is a huge selection of top-notch online casinos, there are just as many fake casinos where you should walk away from before you start. But how can you as a player see wether an online casino is legit and honest? gives you some helpful tips that are part of the process by which we determine our selection of online casinos for our visitors.

1. Check the Casino License

A casino with a bad reputation can still look professional: nice design, good range of games and great bonuses. Before you know it, you’re sold. Great! But how can you see when you are better off trying your luck somewhere else? What signs should you look for? Start with the footer and the general conditions. If there is no casino license to be found, that is the first sign to be cautious.

A casino license has been officially inspected and guarantees that no illegal practices like fraud or money laundering take place at the casino. You can always check the authenticity of the certificate itself on the licensing publisher website and search for the casino or you ask the support staff. Each licensed and reliable casino will respond nicely here and understand that you want to make sure that you’re dealing with an honest casino.

2. Sympathetic and helpful customer support

A good customer support is extremely important and we always weigh this heavily in our assessment of a casino. Every self-respecting casino will put effort in to the best possible service and treat players with respect. So before you open an account, you can contact customer service and ask them about their offers, how they handle withdrawals etc. So you get an instant impression about the casino.

3. See the bonuses and conditions

With casino bonuses the next rule is: if it’s too good to be true, then it usually is. That is why reputable online casinos will not try to seduce you with seemingly fantastic bonuses which then have absurd conditions attached. The bonuses may be slightly lower, but the wager is a lot more feasible and that makes the bonus far more interesting. Moreover, no extreme demands are placed on you as a player and that is how it should be. Always read the bonus conditions before you accept a bonus, this prevents disappointments.

It’s better to score a smaller bonus which you can actually play free and then pay out, then claiming a huge bonus that is almost impossible to play free and leaves you disappointed.

online casino with good reputation

4. Look for Awards and Certificates

Awards and certificates resemble a license, but they are certainly not the same. The online casinos that do it really well, will win awards and will certainly share this with their visitors as extra proof that they are a reliable and qualitative casino. There are also certificates from the parties that control the games or other factors that add up to the reputation of the online casino.

5. Available on mobile devices

The time that online casinos were only suitable for desktop or laptop is definitely really over. Nowadays we do everything on our mobile phones and tablets, including playing online games in casinos. That is why leading online casinos today will also offer a mobile version of their casino. Or, if they do not have a fully functional mobile casino, they at least have a responsive design so that you still can play your favorite casino games on your mobile. And that can sometimes turn out nicely as we saw with the Mega Moolah jackpot won by a mobile player.

If you do not feel like checking online casinos yourself, you can simply pick one on this website. These online casinos have been carefully selected by Casino Kings Club.