New variation on roulette: Roulette 73

Roulette 73 is an invention by the Slovenian inventor Eric Joseph Kriznik. Innovations in the (online) casinos are mostly about new slot machines, but today we have something different and it is this new variation on roulette with more numbers and better chances for the players. And why not? In the past two centuries little has changed where it comes to roulette apart from an American variation where the chances for the player only decreased. 18 red and 18 black numbers on a round disc plus a green zero: roulette has been played like this forever.

So why is this an interesting new version of roulette? Because the number of red and black numbers has become twice as high, but no additional zero has been added like in American roulette. Because of this the casino’s home advantage is practically halved. With traditional roulette there is a house edge of 2.7 percent. At Roulette 73 it is only 1.37 percent. This makes the game way more attractive for player, but maybe a bit less for the casinos.

How does Roulette 73 work?

The disk is the same as with a traditional game of roulette but next to each regular roulette number a box has been added with that number plus 36. So next to the red 1 you will find a red 37. In addition to the black 2 there is a black 38. So there are two red and two black boxes next to each other on the disc.

Twice the numbers calls for a bigger table with six columns instead of three. If you are familiar with the game it takes some getting used to because numbers that are neighbours in the traditional game are not in Roulette 73.

A straight, one bet on one number pays out 71 to 1 and a split pays 35 to 1. And so on. The traditional outbits (single odds) are also available: red and black, even and odd and manque (1-36) / passe (37-72) are also there and pay out one to one. You can also play the big series, small series and orphelins. The zero game is not indicated separately, but would cost ten pieces on a Roulette 73 table: 0/3, 12, 15, 26/32, 35, 39, 48, 51, 62/68 and 71.

odds table roulette 73

Kriznik is dead serious about his invention. He has patented Roulette 73 in all EU countries and also in the US, Canada, Australia and Macau. A prototype of the table was built by the Cammegh company, which is said to be the best roulette table manufacturer in the world.


Now the question is wether casinos will dare to put a new game like this on their floor especially because the house edge is quite a bit lower. Maybe an online casino will be more willing to promote itself with an innovation like this. At Casino Kings Club we hope to see it somewhere in the near future and we will of course give it a go! You can read more about Roulette 73 here.