Luckboxes: comedy series about poker

In the past there have been several documentaries made about (online) poker and poker players, as there was in 2016 still the documentary about Daniel Negreanu called Kid Poker. And now there comes a comedy series based on true events: Luckboxes. Whether it is really good humor, remains to be seen, but the good news is that there is quite a bit of experience in the team is making the series and thus should be able to keep at least close to reality. The episodes will last 30 minutes and the series is a comic variation on the documentary Bet, Raise, Fold. The same director doing the directing and the poker world does so as well.

The Story of Luckboxes

The series takes place in the economic crisis and two brothers, Ariel and Sean, trying to keep their heads above water. They have a job as a furniture delivery staff to ensure that their homes will be auctioned, where they still live with their mother.

One day, during a delivery of furniture, they meet Zoe, an online high roller poker player known as ‘durp’ who runs a high-stakes professional poker empire from her home. The brothers find this more interesting than lugging furniture and steps in this world with all its consequences.

There are two trailers online, but it is not yet known which party will broadcast the series. The title is, moreover, a concept in which a poker player is indicated by extreme luck. Usually one bad player meant to suckouts always manages to beat a better hand, but also a good player with a good dose of luck can be called a luckbox. Will you watch it?



Documentary Bet, Raise, Fold

This documentary follows the origin and evolution of the Internet poker industry during the 2000s and its impact on a new generation of poker professionals. It explores the conflict between the US government and the online gambling which eventually led to Black Friday, where the government decided to ban online poker in the United States. The rise and fall of the billion dollar industry is intertwined with the lives of three main characters: Danielle, a young mother from Minnesota online poker used to support her family; Tony, a Las Vegas tournament pro who organizes the World Poker Tour on television; and Martin, a mathematical genius and poker enthusiast from Australia who uses his poker winnings to travel around the world.

The whole documentary is also online and you find it here