How do you check if a casino is reliable?

We have recently received more questions about the reliability of online casinos. Often because of a problem with paying out winnings where the casino responds very slowly and sometimes even completely refuses to pay out. That is why in this article we once again focus on the reliability of online casinos and how you can largely prevent yourself from encountering problems.

The range of online casinos keeps growing for the simple reason that more and more people are finding their way to online casinos and would like to take a gamble online from the comfort of their own home. In addition, a professional online casino that takes good care of its players can be particularly profitable. Bet on sports competitions, play a game of roulette at a live table or go for the jackpot on an exciting online slot. It is all possible and a player can expect that the service is in order and the odds are fair with – just like in a land based casino – a small house advantage for the casino.

Fair chance for players

Yet there are also many online casinos that are not so close to the rules or that themselves include certain rules and conditions in their terms and conditions and / or bonus conditions, causing players to be excessively disadvantaged. At Casinokings we keep an eye on this as closely as possible and if casinos offered on our site do something that is not acceptable then we will make this work. As a result, several casinos have already lost their listing and some even ended up on our blacklist.

7 tips for carefree play at an online casino

To ensure that the chance of getting problems with an online casino is as small as possible, we have the following 7 tips for you:

  1. Only open an account at a reputable casino with the correct permits (UK and Malta are the best known and the most reliable) or one of the online casinos in our list.
  2. Before you open an account, contact customer service. These should just be friendly and the service and friendliness is a good first indication of how the casino will treat you once you are a player.
  3. Read the terms and conditions, even if you accept a bonus. Nobody likes to read conditions, but they are important. Here you will find, for example, information about countries excluded by the casino, but also the wager conditions.
  4. Do not use VPN to play at an online casino. There is a good chance that this will cause problems and your potential winnings will be lost.
  5. Do not register with fake account. This too can cause you to lose your winnings.
  6. Never register multiple accounts on 1 IP address, this is not accepted and will also lead to your account being closed and possible winnings being taken.
  7. Be sure to take the trouble to verify your account immediately after opening your account. This prevents delays in paying out.