High variance casino slots

Most players pick a slot to play based on its theme, appearance or cost per spin. Nothing wrong with that because playing online casino slots is supposed to be fun. But if you are also playing to win, or at least want to have a good shot at making some money, this may not be the best approach to picking your slot of choice.

Most players will never consider slot variance, or slot volatility as it is also called. The variance or volatility of a casino slot determines whether a winning combination will appear or not, and it also influences the value of a win. Basically all casino slots out there can be divided into three categories: low, medium, and high. Each one is different and each one offers different payouts and payout frequencies. In this article we focus on the high variance slots.

High variance / highly volatile casino slots

High variance slots are for the people that are willing to take a risk and have the money to do so. These slots offer paytables with fewer symbols offering major payouts, but the payouts that are on offer are so substantial that players stand to make a lot of money when they do appear.

Besides enjoying a casino slot, there is also the excitement of possible big wins. When you play high variance slots there aren’t many small and medium-sized wins and these slots are not for players that don’t have the bankroll for this kind of high-risk play. The big wins on high variance slots can come few and far between, or not at all. So yes, you can get very lucky with a big win, but these slots can also eat away your complete bankroll if you are not careful.

How to spot a high variance slot

You can spot a high variance slot by looking at the paytable. The first sign of high variance is less winning symbols; often around nine in all. The amount each symbol pays out will also be higher than you would see in other slots, and there are limited bonus features like wild and scatter symbols and free spins. You can also check slot reviews on websites like casinokings.club where the variance or volatiliy of a slot is often listed.

Tips for playing high variance casino slots

So now you know how to spot high variance slots, this might be an extra consideration when you decide to try your luck with online slots. This way you can really enjoy the games that you play and not feel cheated out of a good and fair experience. You can easily feel this way when playing slots randomly without having a clue about the difference in variance. Understand that a high variance game brings with it a higher level of risk as well as a higher potential reward, and you shouldn’t have any surprises because you know in advance what the risk level is.