Gonzo’s Quest goes Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality brings about major changes both online and offline across many markets and Netent is in the forefront of these developments when it comes to casino software. We could expect the world’s largest casino software provider Netent to present something interesting on the ICE exchange in London. This annual exhibition displays all aspects of the online gaming industry and innovation in this market is a hot item.

gonzos quest virtual reality

Gonzo’s Quest in virtual reality

This year Netent will release a 3D Virtual Reality version of the popular game Gonzo’s Quest and they are already quite far as you can see in the video in this article. We have no doubt that there will be many other games on Gonzo’s Quest which you can play in virtual reality and eventually this will even be the norm. We are still accustomed to looking at a computer screen, but since the innovation will continue in virtual reality, more and more games and applications to offer this. The perception of a game is for the player to be stronger. Soon you are welcome to explore Gonzo’s virtual reality. Kings and leaders of the golden age were always looking for treasure and in this game captain Gonzo decides to keep a piece of the pie for himself.

The founder and CEO of NetEnt, Per Eriksson, is also a clear view on: “We see a big role for Virtual Reality in the future of the online casino gaming industry, we monitor developments sharp eye on this region and us. company wants to offer players the ultimate entertainment experience. This is and will always be a milestone for the entire industry in general and for NetEnt in particular. ”

Virtual Reality is the future

It seems like the development of Virtual Reality has stood for several years, but nothing is less true. With an innovation like this is especially the move to affordable solutions that deliver a good experience one factor that determines success. For a consumer virtual reality experience should really add anything and are affordable. In addition, people are creatures of habit and we look over the past 70 years to monitors. come from the beginning of the 21st century, the development of virtual reality momentum and we also see that wearables are accepted more and more which will only speed up the acceptance of virtual reality. We applaud this development and we predict virtual reality will be commonplace in a few years. So it’s only a matter of time before the first jackpot will fall in virtual reality. Hard cash in a virtual world. Something to look forward to!

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