Is it safe to play at online casinos?

Yes, with the good online casinos you are also in good hands as a British player. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and enter your account information truthfully. If data is incorrect or you are not fair, chances are that the casino will confiscate your winnings and close your account. We also always advise Dutch players to immediately arrange their payout verification before they start playing. This ensures that if you win, your payouts will be quick. Also […]

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Which license must a casino have?

The British Gambling Autority will ultimately determine on the basis of a number of criteria which online casinos are licensed for the British market. Every permit is issued by this authority. To obtain this permit, providers must comply with many strict rules. The purpose of this permit is primarily to protect all British players, which is of course a good thing. Online casinos that do not comply with these rules run the risk of being fined and losing their license. […]

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Is online gambling allowed in the UK?

This is a question that of course is often asked to us by British people. It is officially legal for British players to gamble online. This has been arranged in the British Gambling Act. Online casinos that want to enter the British market have to meet certain standards in order to do so. If you open an account at one of the above casinos, you will therefore simply be accepted and you can enjoy your online casino games. Of course […]

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Do I have to pay tax over my winnings?

No, in the United Kingdom you do not have to pay taxes if you have won in an online casino. The condition is that the license of this online casino is in the EU. EU legislation has stipulated that the online casinos pay taxes, but the players do not. Your profit is paid out net and you do not have to pay tax again.

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Why are online casinos always in English?

Online casinos often target a global market. That means that the website has to be as accessible as possible. Of course an online casino will often focus on specific markets and may offer its content in other languages as well. Same goes for customer service that is always in English and sometimes offers support in other languages.

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