Unlucky in love, lucky in the game?

More risky choices can cause you to lose everything, but it can also cause you to rise above the competition in, for example, prosperity and status. When the chance of finding a partner is smaller, then you are, driven by primal instincts, prepared to take more risks. Unhappiness in love therefore means that you take more risks, also in other areas. Just so you know.

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The top 5 most expensive watches in the world

We all dream sometimes of the thought of hitting the big jackpot. And if you are fully loaded, then you should do things with your money. One of the toys that often could use an upgrade on a moment like that, is on your wrist. We have put the top five of the most expensive watches in the world together for you. And there is no arguing about taste. Would you wear one of them?

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20.000 GBP in cash prizes at 32Red!

The brand new Jurassic World slot has also landed at 32Red and they celebrate this with a special challenge. There is a whopping £20,000 in cash prizes to win and all you have to do is play this brand new online slot. Get your name on the leaderboard to get your piece of the £20,000 pie.

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Zodiac casino registration and payouts

Signing up at Zodiac is really easy. A matter of registering, logging in and playing. Zodiac has a desktop version of its casino and also a mobile casino. When you go to the site of Zodiac with an Apple computer, you will be redirected to the mobile version. This version is just as good as the desktop version. The sign at Zodiac Casino is as easy on desktop and mobile, and the mobile version is growing in popularity. We also look at other online casinos.

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Casino watch for your wrist!

Of course by now you probably already know that you would like a smartwatch can simply play your favorite casino games. But there are also more traditional watches that you like real casino lover can be fine for the day. These real gambler bells leave little to the imagination when it comes to the hobby of the wearer. They know the watchmakers too and so there are all the necessary exclusive clocks designed on the theme of the casino. We kick off around $ 4,000...

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