5 rules that should be part of online gambling regulations

We all know that many countries struggle with the online gambling rules and regulations. Some countries are doing a better job than others, but overall it seems most countries are doing what they can or feel is right. Perhaps it could be a good idea to involve the online casino operators a bit more in shaping the new laws. Of course these are the parties that earn money from people who gamble online, but it is – at least for the good and legit operators – also very important to ensure that the entire regulation runs smoothly and to avoid problem gamblers as much as possible. This may not matter in the short term, but in the long term there is only the chance that it will harm the industry and that the laws will become increasingly strict.

In our opinion, there are a number of measures that are not currently part of gambling regulations, while they could contribute to a better law and more protection for online players. We would like to list these hoping that in the future they might become part of the rules that online casino operators and game providers must adhere to.

  1. Make manual flushing a mandatory option when paying out.

    At Casinokings.club we are a strong proponent of manual flushing and we are actually surprised that this option has not yet been made compulsory by parties such as the KSA and the UKGC when paying out. The principle is simple: if a player decides to have his winnings paid out, he makes a request to the casino here. Depending on the payout method, the wins then wait for some time to be processed. This varies from an hour to several days. In that time the player always has the option to cancel the payout and to continue playing. With manual flushing the requested payout is fixed and can therefore not be reversed by the player. Certainly with players who are in a winning mood, there is a good chance that a payout will be canceled. It also no longer makes sense for casinos to unnecessarily delay payouts hoping that the player cancels the payout.

  2. Put a ban on the “max bet” button in online casino games.

    There are still game developers who have a “max bet” button in their interface. The best-known provider that still does this is Netent. The button is also right next to the standard bet button. It has happened to almost every player that he or she accidentally presses the max bet button. A part from the fact that that spin immediately costs 50 or maybe 100 euros, players can also get into trouble if they play in a bonus and thus accidentally exceed the max bet value of the wager. Get rid of that max bet button!

  3. Give online casino slots a volatility rating.

    Yes, we know that you can look up the RTP of a slot, but it is not listed by default. Moreover, an RTP is somewhat more difficult to explain than, for example, a distribution from 1 to 5 that runs from green to red and thus indicates volatility. Think of it as the economy label on a car.

  4. Mandatory reporting of changes to the casino terms.

    This is also a measure that is easy to implement. This is also being done in other industries such as providers of online services (Google, Apple etc.). With this you clearly indicate in advance to a player what has changed and you also encourage reading the conditions before a player accepts a bonus or starts playing.

  5. Make verification mandatory before the game starts.
  6. The professional online casino operators have their backend in perfect order and must therefore be able to ensure that verification runs smoothly and quickly. This is to the advantage of the player who wants to play and also to the advantage of the casino because the time from registration and verification to play becomes as short as possible. Moreover, it is also possible to check age properly so that young people under the age of 18 have no chance to play without verification. So don’t deposit or give free spins in advance, verify first.

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