“31 year old re-stocker wins €892,329 at Zodiac Casino”

“Patrick Groenendijk went to his work last Thursday as a general help. It seemed a day like any other, but that would soon change and it would his last day as a supermarket employee. The same day he quit his job and walked out with a small € 900,000 that would soon be on his bank account.

Patrick always hopped from job to job, and was occasionally also on welfare. Since last year he was re-stokcer at his local supermarket, but really interesting he found it all out. Every day was the same job and this job would not be here to stay, just not the way Patrick had devised himself.

During his lunch break, he decided to accept an offer of an online casino where you could get 80 free spins, all for free! Patrick decided to try his luck and 20 minutes and 12 free spins later he was € 892.329 richer, which approximately equals his annual salary to 30 times!

Patrick could not believe it and thought it was a mistake and after that his friends online uithaalden a joke with him. But after having clicked on ‘Cash’, two days later the money in his account, “I knew it was true ..” said a delighted Patrick who took immediate dismissal at the supermarket.”

Zodiac Casino

Zodiac casino fake articles part of online campagne

Perhaps you also seen the above message online. Some clever thinking of the people behind Zodiac casino with these messages to bring their bonus to the attention. Actually it is a viral that has done quite well. Ok, you might wonder whether it is neat to suggest that Patrick is a real person and has actually won by this type of fake messages to bring into the world, but that is simply a form of promotion. Moreover, the fact remains that the bonus of 20 euros in the landfill is indeed truly one euro.

Captain Cooks Casino

Captain Cooks Casino brings these kind of messages online too. This fake news campaign works pretty well for the company. This casino is part of the same group as Zodiac casino, which explains the same approach.

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